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Aesthetic medicine in Geneva

Aesthetic medicine in Geneva

Before any intervention, whether it is a treatment in aesthetic medicine or another plastic intervention, a consultation is necessary.

During this consultation, Doctor Raspaldo will help you understand your needs, discuss your requests and make 3D simulations allowing you to have a real overview of the desired result. This will allow you to validate the appropriate treatment.

The most effective treatment, in line with your requests and constraints, will then be detailed, with precise explanations on the progress of the intervention.

This consultation will also allow you to get to know your plastic surgeon and establish a relationship of trust because the surgeon-patient relationship must be of high quality. The commitment with your cosmetic surgeon is essential and crucial to the success of your Aesthetetic medicine treatment.

médecine esthétique à Genève

Treatments in aesthetic medicine

Doctor Raspaldo, qualified in aesthetic medicine of the face and neck since 1991, practices different treatments of aesthetic medicine.

This practicing surgeon masters plastic surgery procedures such as nose, eyelid or ear surgery, but he also masters cosmetic medicine.

Discover the specialties in aesthetic medicine of Doctor Raspaldo:


Doctor Raspaldo’s commitment is to support any patient in the stages following the first consultation: from the first appointment to the phases following the intervention.

Discover all the treatments for facial wrinkles

  • Forehead wrinkle injections
  • Frown line injections
  • Wrinkle injections under the eyes and crow’s feet
  • Dark circles and eye shadow injections
  • Lip and wrinkle injections around the mouth
  • Nose and nasolabial fold injections
  • Cheekbone and hollow cheek injections
  • Chin injections


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