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Consultation and 3D simulation

A 2.0 cosmetic consultation to define the best treatment

Are you considering a cosmetic medicine or cosmetic surgery treatment? Before any intervention, we will receive you in consultation during a first meeting to get to know each other. We can talk about what you want to rework, the area of ​​the face you want to embellish: correct the nose, treat forehead wrinkles, lip wrinkles, lift a drooping eyelid, etc.

Do you want to know more about the course of a cosmetic surgery consultation? You will find all the useful information on our page dedicated to the consultation of cosmetic surgery.

3D simulation software in consultation to analyze your face

During our consultation, we will use 3D imaging software. A real diagnostic and analysis tool, Dr. Raspaldo will advise you on the most appropriate aesthetic procedures for you: botulinum toxin injections in the lion’s wrinkle, hyaluronic acid injections in the temples to reshape facial features, polylactic acid injections to restructure the facial contour, natural medical rhinoplasty to correct the bump in the nose, etc.

This process is a plus and a real aid to the diagnosis and the project. It is also a possibility to approach the project differently and to study the project more precisely with the patient.

Also called virtual cosmetic surgery, this digital analysis of the patient’s face is a concrete and very useful aid that will facilitate exchanges between patient and plastic surgeon.

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