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All about Earfold implants

For protruding ears, I offer a revolutionary technic as an alternative to otoplasty: the EARFOLD clips

The placement of EarFold clips is a new tehcnic which comes from England and which has been created 5 years ago by my distinguished fellow: the ENT surgeon Norbert Kang, NHS specialist consultant.
The placement of EarFold clips correct the protruding or asymmetric ears by reshaping the cartilage the way we want to.

These clips are like small clips of 15 mm long and 1 mm thick.
They are made out of a nickel and titanium alloy, known as Nitinol, that does not cause any rejection or allergy.

The Earfold clips are placed under the skin with a very discreet incision (performed under local anesthesia) in the area of the pinna.

More information about Earfold clips: EarFold, EarFold, the new alternative for protruding ears

See the video of an Earfol Clip for protuding ears

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