Over the years, skin and fat accumulate on the upper eyelid.

This melting of volume and distended skin forms what is commonly called “the cap”. The upper eyelid becomes heavy, the palpebral fold is hidden and make-up becomes more difficult.

There is a cosmetic surgery which allows to treat this problem: blepharoplasty, the eyelid surgery.

The result of blepharoplasty is extremely significant for all patients who felt complexed by the effect of a cap and drooping eyelid that closes the eyes. The eyelid is naturally repositioned, the eyes are 10, 15 or even 20 years younger.

Before any treatment, we will proceed a 3D consultation in order to evaluate your needs and to have an idea of what you face will look like thanks to a simulation of your eyelid surgery.

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A double chin is a cluster of localized fat, often associated with platysma muscle bands, covered by an excess of skin, deforming the jawline contour. To correct this disgrace, anterior cervicofacial lift (our new “3 points Lift”) is an option that allows to target the surgical procedure at the chin and avoid scars behind the ears. Young patients who want a slimmer neck or men who want to make a discreet improvement to their face are perfectly eligible for this procedure.

Discover the aesthetic consultation in 3 dimensions.

Video mad by Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, cosmetic surgeon in Geneva.

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Botulinum toxin is a muscle relaxant. It allows to have such an effective action on wrinkles since the facial muscles will not remain permanently contracted, and wrinkles will not be visible anymore.

Originally, before aesthetic indications on dynamic wrinkles, botulinum toxin was only used to treat neurological, ophthalmological and oto-rhino-laryngological disorders. In this video, our patient suffers from involuntary spasms of the eye and her hemiface. We practice injections of botulinum toxin at the corner of the eye to relax the orbicularis muscle, injections into the frontalis muscle, and injections into the zygomatic muscle and orbicularis ori muscle above the upper lip.

Discover the aesthetic consultation in 3 dimensions.

Video mad by Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, cosmetic surgeon in Geneva.

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If you find that your face is too round or too wide, we invite you today to discover three techniques to make your face look thinner. This article has been written for Anti-Age Magazine.

Get slimmer cheeks thanks to bichectomy

Bichectomy consists in removing the deep fat pads from the cheeks by getting rid of the so-called ‘Bichât fat pads’. The ‘Bichât fat pads’ are located just below the cheekbones and give the cheeks their rounded shape. You may wish to reduce the volume of your cheeks because you find them too round, or simply to highlight their hollow and, by doing so, to get a slimmer face.

Learn more about bichectomy to remove the fat pads from the cheeks.

Get a slimmer face using liposuction of the (lower) cheeks

It is possible to correct a too round face using liposuction to remove excess fat located in the face, including the cheeks, the lower part of the cheeks, the chin and the neck. Liposuction of the face helps to make the contour of your face slimmer again.

Contact us if you want to know more about face liposuction in Geneva.

Reduce a too strong square jaw thanks to botulinum toxin injections

Masseter muscles (or masticatory muscles) define the shape of the jaw. If they are too large, the angle of the jaw will look wider. It is possible to reduce the shape of the jaw by injecting botulinum toxin into the masseter muscles. The muscles will relax and therefore loose some of their volume. The hollow of the cheeks will be highlighted and the face will become slimmer.

Learn more about botulinum toxin injections to make your jaw slimmer.

For more effectiveness, it is definitely possible to combine these three techniques.

Doctor Raspaldo, aesthetic surgeon in Geneva

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You find your cheekbones too flat and your face lacks relief? It is possible to increase the volume of the cheekbones by cosmetic surgery. 

Have a look at a live video recorded operation of aesthetic surgery of malar implant. By placing a soft silicone implants, deeply under muscles, on top the cheekbone, we obtain a higher relief and a lazy curve for flat cheekbones. We get an harmonious triangular face, like “heart shape face” or “HeArt of face®”.

There are other non-surgical alternatives to increase cheekbones: lipofilling (macro fat grafting, nanofat) or hyaluronic acid injection into the cheekbones.

In order to appreciate the potential results of your operation, we offer our patients a 3-dimensional photo consultation, thanks to the VECTRA 3D Sculptor software ( on PC) and CRISALIX (on mobile iPad). This allows to be closer to expectations by understanding and visualizing the request. And thus be able to visualize the potential results by a comparison before / after.

Discover the aesthetic consultation in 3 dimensions.

Video mad by Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, cosmetic surgeon in Geneva.

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In this video we can see how we proceed for a bichectomy in order to partially or totally remove the Bichat’s fat pad. This surgical procedure involves a small incision inside the cheek. It can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. We thus get a thinner face.

Learn more about the bichectomy.

Video of cosmetic surgery in Geneva, made by Doctor Hervé Raspaldo.

Dr. Raspaldo’s office is a cosmetic surgery practice based in Geneva. We practice various aesthetic treatments such as botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid injections. But also cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelifts, surgical rhinoplasties, blepharoplasties, etc.

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This kind of surgical genioplasty, is done with a permanent specific chin implant.

We insert a soft silicone prothesis to project the chin forward , through an invisible scar into the mouth. The objective is to reshape nicely a too short chin (microgenia). Done on local and sedation anesthesia, ambulatory procedure, Result is very natural , permanent , not painful , with a short social eviction of one day only.

Last but not least, we can obtain a Neck lift by projecting, with the chin implant , the length of the mandibule and pulling on the platysma muscle. This surgical procedure can be combined with a lower face and neck liposuccion and even with a corset-plasty neck lift. Other surgical Alternative is macro -micro-Nano fat grafting on the chin, or Lipostructure.

Know more about genioplasty.

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Know more about Doctor Hervé Raspaldo, cosmetic surgeon at Geneva.

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VECTRA or CRISALIX 3D simulation for aesthetic surgery and chin implant with hyaluronic acid

Our patients can experiment a consultation with 3-dimensional photo using the 3D Sculptor software (VECRA or CRISALIX). That can predict potential results and to be closer to patients’ needs. It will also make it possible to visualize the real results by a comparison before / after.

We can clearly appreciate in this video the chin projection , using a simple injection of hyaluronic acid, at Face Clinic Genève. We used a new special hyaluronic acid, thicker than the usual hyaluronic acids, to achieve a soft chin implant, using no surgery but only a needle.

Know more about hyaluronic acid to reshape the chin.

Video made by Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, cosmetic surgery in Geneva.

Know more about the 3D consultation.

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Surgery of the nose: corrective rhinoplasty (or nose reshaping)

This article, written by Dr. Raspaldo and published on the website www.imaderm.ch, explains in detail what rhinoplasty consists in. Indeed, the patients frequently ask to have the shape of their nose corrected. From Cleopatra to Jennifer Aniston or Cyrano de Bergerac, the nose and its aesthetic appearance trigger passions without a fight. This cape, this peninsula, has been at the centre of many conversations! Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, Imaderm‘s face and neck specialised aesthetic surgeon, tells us everything we have always wanted to know about rhinoplasty, without ever daring to ask.


Dr. Raspaldo, when a patient wants to slightly modify or completely change the shape of his/her nose, which techniques do you recommend and how can one make a choice?

There are two different types of treatment: the first one is surgical, the second one is medical. Thanks to a three-dimensional technology specifically developed for the face, it is easier to determine the best option. For example, by rotating the image of the face in 3D on itself, we can record precisely the height of the bump of the nose. If the latter is too large, in other words, if the frontonasal line is too high (or if the nose is too long), injections should not be considered, at the risk of filling the frontonasal angle to the top of the eyebrows and, by doing so, to shape a too aquiline nose, similar to the one of the characters in the movie Avatar. In case of a flat and wide nose, the 3D images will determine if it is possible to create the illusion of a finer nose thanks to injections. The latter will shape a better drawn nose bridge. But if the nose is too wide, especially the tip, injections will not help making it look smaller. In this case, surgery will be more appropriate.

In case of medical rhinoplasty, what are the advantages?

The major advantage lies in the simplicity of the treatment, as there is no need to go to the operating room and no anaesthesia. Moreover, the procedure can be repeated because hyaluronic acid is a resorbable substance. The duration of the lifting effect varies from 12 to 18 months, depending on the type and dose of hyaluronic acid used. Over the time, the results always improve thanks to, among others, the production of natural collagen and fibroblasts. Finally, and this point is essential for the patients, injections are a first step, often useful when one is afraid of surgery and willing to postpone a surgical operation. Let’s precise that, after injections, a patient can always have (if wished) a surgical rhinoplasty.

What does the treatment consist in?

I have developed a technique called Eiffel Tower Nose-Lift®,with an obvious reference to the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. This technique, first and foremost, consists in observing and redrawing the tip of the nose, by injecting hyaluronic acid to correct the nasolabial angle (the line between the nose and the lips). In a woman, this angle is comprised between 100° and 110°. From 90°, we talk about a “falling tip”. We inject hyaluronic acid at the base of the nose, which corresponds to the “first floor” of the Eiffel Tower. Thanks to this first intervention, we can find, step by step, floor by floor, the ideal position of the tip of the nose, by further injecting hyaluronic acid where needed. By doing so, we can get a harmonious profile, well balanced with the forehead, the chin and the lips. The procedure is painless and takes place at my medical office, without any trauma nor social eviction. And, at last, it is less costly than a surgical rhinoplasty.

 So, what about surgical rhinoplasty?

These are performed in a clinic and require an operating room. Two different techniques currently exist. The first one is called “natural”. It lasts 1 hour on average and leaves no visible scar. Performed on an outpatient basis, the surgery takes place inside the nostrils. This method allows us to correct the imperfections of the nose and to get a natural, harmonious and artistic result, in perfect balance with the rest of the face. This flexible technique requires an excellent knowledge of the anatomy through the skin. With this surgical procedure, it is not necessary to “open the nose” to analyse and understand its imperfections (bones and cartilage). The secret is to imagine the structures under the skin and to visualise the corrections needed in order to get a result as harmonious as possible, without any devastating effect.

I also have realised many specific surgery operations called “ethnic rhinoplasty” on the nose of African, Asian, Indian or Middle-Eastern patients. I have developed a specific technique described in an article published several years ago in the journal of the ‘Société française de Chirurgie plastique et esthétique’ (French Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery). This technique is ideal when the nose is very flared and flattened with large nostrils, among others. Knowing the physical and cultural specificities, as well as the canons of beauty of each and every one, is paramount to understand and to adapt to the origins and the cultural environment of the patient.

A second type of intervention, very old and revisited in the 1990’s, can also be considered. Performed externally with a scar, it consists in ‘uncovering’ the whole nose. Then, the surgeon removes cartilage and makes grafts to support the nose. The post-operative consequences are heavier than after a “natural” rhinoplasty and the procedure lasts between 2 to 4 hours. This technique is used especially in the case of cleft lips, if the patient had several previous nose surgery operations, when his/her nose shows too many bumps or if the nose is too badly injured after an accident. Rhinoplasty is a trend in some countries, but the operation should be considered cautiously and seriously, as its aftermaths are heavy. Ideally, it is recommended, if possible, to favour the “natural” method which is less traumatic and more flexible in terms of results.


Rhinoplasty is one of the aesthetic surgery operations which can be performed in Geneva, as well as other treatments: blepharoplasty, facelift, hyaluronic acid injections, etc.

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We all have different face shapes and we would often like to correct certain aspects: a small bump on the nose, a too drooping tip, a too small chin, a profile not harmonious enough, etc. Many things that can now be treated thanks to aesthetic medicine and injections of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin.

We offer a truly comprehensive facial treatment to give it a more pleasant aspect to look at, according to the standards of beauty.

Regarding the nose, we can perform a rhinoplasty without surgery by injection, according to the principle of “Eiffel Tower Nose Lift”. Injections of hyaluronic acid will help to support a falling point and fill the hollows, thus giving the illusion of removing a bump. We redraw in this way the nose naturally.

At the chin level, we can practice injections of hyaluronic acid to redraw it. A chin too fleeing in men, or not sharp enough in women, can be improved. The double chin can also be removed with deoxicholic acid (Belkyra©) injections.

Regarding the oval of the face, we will have already worked the main elements (nose and chin for an ideal profile). Then, we will be able to work on masseter muscles that can sometimes give a jaw too square or too angular, thanks to the injection of botulinum toxin.

Read the article in the magazine “Anti Age Magazine” about facial treatment.

Read the article “Anti Age Magazine” on the treatment of the face in three points in pdf format.

 If you have any questions about cosmetic surgery in Geneva, do not hesitate to contact our medical clinic.

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It is now possible, thanks to cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine, to correct the small defects of the face. The nose in particular, is a central element that can be a source of complex. Correcting the nose without surgery is possible today.

In this video, we show how a natural medical rhinoplasty works. This rhinoplasty is without surgery, ie exclusively based on injections of hyaluronic acid into the nose. Here, our patient has a deviated nose. Injections will fill and redraw the nose. We thus give the illusion that the nose is straightened. The results are visible up to 18 months.

Video made by Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, cosmetic surgery in Geneva.

Do you want to remake your nose but are you hesitating between a natural medical rhinoplasty or surgical rhinoplasty? Would you like to know exactly what will be corrected? Do not hesitate to contact us for any request. During each consultation, we practice a 3D simulation to visualize the elements to correct and visualize the future result live.

Dr. Raspaldo’s office is a cosmetic surgery practice based in Geneva. We practice various aesthetic treatments such as botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid injections. But also cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelifts, surgical rhinoplasties, blepharoplasties, etc.

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The skin under the eyes, the so-called ‘eye outline’, is a very fragile area and one of the first to show signs of ageing. It is necessary to intervene gently and to worry about it in time. The goal will be to revive, lighten or simply give a boost to a fatigued look.

Hollow (or sunken) eyes… What is it actually?
Hollow eyes result from a lack of fat in the area around the eyes. In most cases, it affects the upper eyelid, but also the lower eyelid. If the pockets of fat under the eyes give a tired look, hollow eyes can contribute to a sick appearance.

Lipofilling offers a definitive and natural-looking solution to freshen up the look, conceal dark circles under the eyes and lift up falling eyebrows.

What is lipofilling?

Lipofilling, also called Coleman’s method or nano-fat grafting, is a gentle cosmetic surgery operation. It consists of using a small amount of excess fat in the body (neck, knee, abdomen, for example) to re-inject it (after purification of more or less fine fat particles by filtering or centrifugation) in the hollow under the eyes, in the cheekbones area, in the chin, or simply to boost the skin. Using ultrafine cannulas guarantees the absence of scars. Most of the time, the patient is locally anesthetized and the result is clearly visible after just a few weeks.

Learn more about the treatment of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

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