Next Wednesday, July 15, at 6 p.m. (Paris time), come and attend the live webinar with Dr. Raspaldo on hyaluronic acid injections!

You can ask all your questions in advance, and Dr. Raspaldo will answer them during the live. This webinar will discuss in depth the different themes that we can have about hyaluronic acid injections.

Don’t hesitate to register by clicking on this link to the Vivacy webinar.

webinaire sur les injections d'acide hyaluronique en suisse

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“Injectable Fillers – Facial Shaping and Contouring” is a medical book, published in April 2019, in which I actively participated. I had the honor of co-writing a chapter on injections around the eyes, wrinkles, dark circles, crow’s feet and restoring volumes.

Botox, hyaluronic acid and volumizing injections to rejuvenate the face

The rejuvenation of the periorbital area in aesthetic medicine consists of work on lines, volumes and shadows and lights, thanks to a treatment of injectable products: hyaluronic acid, botox, volumizing products.

We can see on photo 5.1 the detail of the areas worked for a rejuvenation of the look: eyebrow, upper eyelid, lateral canthus, lower eyelids, valley of tears.
Find out more about the rejuvenation of the eyes in Geneva.

Photo 5.2 shows what a perfect periorbital area looks like in the aesthetic sense of the term.

injections zone péri orbitale en suisse


Eye rejuvenation in Geneva, Switzerland

The rejuvenation of the look also sometimes involves work on restoring the volumes of the middle part of the face. Indeed, this allows to be more effective on the correction of the valley of tears for example, and on the overall volumes of the face, as shown in photo 5.16.

restaurer les volumes pour embellir le regard


I was able to develop the Chic Lift concept which details the aesthetic treatment of rejuvenation and beautification of the look that we practice in our aesthetic clinic Face Clinic Geneva.

To learn more about the treatment of dark circles in Geneva, do not hesitate to read our dedicated page on dark circle injections.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any question or request for an appointment.

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Come and attend to the live webinar of Doctor Hervé Raspaldo about medical rhinoplasty !

On the 25th of June at 5pm (time of Paris), Doctor Hervé Raspaldo will speak about medical natural rhinoplasty and how to prevent complications, along with Dr Banegas.

Doctr Raspaldo will answer all your questions, so fill free to register here :

Learn more about medical rhinoplasty.

See you soon!

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Come and attend to the live webinar of Doctr Hervé Raspaldo !

On the 24th of June, at 5pm (Paris time), Doctor Hervé Raspaldo will participate to a live webinar on how to use HA fillers safely for periorbital rejuvenation.

Doctor Raspaldo will answer the questions about the following programs:
– Introduction
– The anatomy optimized for the periorbital area injection
– Injection tips & tricks of the eye area
– Periorbital area case studies: do’s & don’ts
– Questions & Answers with the audience

Register here in order to attend to the webinar !

See you soon!

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As a Face and Neck specialist, one of my passions is to train other doctors in order to contribute to their progress, the dissemination and exchange of knowledge, and to the greatest satisfaction of our customers.

Dr. Simone Doreian, of Melbourne, is a very gifted doctor who I trained in facial injections, and it is with honor that I receive this lovely thank you from her:

“I need to thank you each deeply for your role in my professional life , your little pushes,  and helping me with such passion and beauty , to grow a clinic of my own that has been so well received … you are all woven in this article, far beyond your mentions… 

I owe you all so much. 

Much love always, 



A testimony relayed in this beautiful Australian publication, on page 33:

“Once you start lecturing at conferences, other people tend to ask you to come to theirs and share knowledge and skills. Over the years I have been very lucky to have been invited to launch ranges of fillers in Asia, India, and Australia. I have been involved in education at major events through Australia, NZ, Asia and Europe and I’ve learnt a lot about presenting on stage or in workshops from a handful of plastic surgeons – Ian Carlisle, Hervé Raspaldo, Steven Liew. I’ve discovered that injecting and teaching on stage involves managing camera angles, lighting, the patient, injecting, maintaining audience view whilst keeping up a constant pattern of conversation and tips – a whole new set of skills.”

Read the full australian article.


Doctor Raspaldo, plastic surgery in Geneva

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Come and watch the live interview on Instagram of Doctor Hervé Raspaldo!

The next June 9, at 3 p.m. (Geneva time), the famous journalist Alice HART-DAVIS will be interested in injections: injections of the nose, injections of the jaw, injection of the periorbital area.

Doctor Raspaldo will answer all his questions and will be able to present the various treatments related to these subjects, namely:
– the Eiffel Tower Nose Lift©, a natural medical rhinoplasty treatment based on injections of hyaluronic acid
– the Chic Lift©, beautification of the peri-ocular zone by injections of hyaluronic acid, botox and volumizing products
– FaceSculpture©, profiloplasty treatment to reshape the face as a whole, and among other things the jaw by Jawline Contouring.

Join us on Instagram:


See you soon!

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Good news ! Following the decision of the government authorities, we resume all our surgical and aesthetic medicine activities in Geneva and Genolier from Monday, April 27.

We will soon be able to receive you for your care and consultations.

We have also made tele-consultation available, where we can chat live and remotely, in order to get to know each other and address your needs.

téléconsultation esthétique à genève

Learn more about online consultation.

See you soon!

Dr Raspaldo’s Team

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Tomorrow I will the honor to participate in the London aesthetic congress. I will present my work there on the Nose Lift (medical rhinoplasty), and I will carry out a demonstration of jawline contouring injections, related to the high demand from Millennials.

Discover an exclusive video interview !

“Millennials”, or “generation Y”, refers to people in the 80s and 90s, graduates of higher education, very connected, committed and sensitive to environmental issues. In the world of cosmetic surgery, millennials are increasingly in demand for beautification, transformation and contouring treatments.

Learn more about medical rhinoplasty in Switzerland.
Learn more about jawline contouring in Geneva.

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Dear readers,

With this post, I would like to pay a personal tribute to Doctor Guy Jost, who passed away on January 16, 2020, at the age of 93.

He has been a mentor for several generations of French and foreign surgeons.

A few words about Dr. Guy Jost

Born in 1927, this French surgeon, trained in ENT and head and neck surgery, was known worldwide in the 70s and 80s as one of the pioneers of plastic surgery of the
face and neck, in particular cosmetic surgery of the nose and cervico-facial lift. He ardently participated in the development and recognition of facial cosmetic surgery and was president of the SoFCPRE (French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) in 1981.

His original and incisive spirit was already noticed when he was internal to Dr Redon, by inventing the suction drain, so useful in the aftermath of facelifts.

For a long time head of department at Lariboisière Hospital in Paris, he devoted himself to plastic surgery and in particular to cosmetic surgery of the nose, which he methodically modernized. He published, in fact, a new procedure allowing to modify the nose in all its parameters by internal and invisible incisions. This respects all tissues and also the integrity of the mucous membrane for better breathing. He then
develops extra-mucosal rhinoseptoplasty.

He wrote and co-wrote several works such as “Atlas of cosmetic surgery” in 1975, “Plastic and aesthetic surgery” in 1990, “History of plastic surgery” in 2003 or “Annals of plastic and aesthetic surgery” in 2004.

My personal experience with Dr. Guy Jost

He was a real character. Between the 70s and 90s, he attended all the symposia, all the international congresses. His voice carried, strong and grave. And his ideas commanded respect from American surgeons, which was no easy feat. Dr. Jost was feared and respected.

In December 1988, I was able to participate in my first major world conference of the International Society of Asthetic Plastic Surgery in Paris. Dr. Guy Jost was the President. It was, then, my very first course on rhinoplasty: impressive.

In September 1993, still in Paris, I had the honor of presenting my research on the subject of "Deep cervico-facial lifting: anatomical evaluation". It was a conference given at the City of Sciences and Industry, under the chairmanship of Dr. Guy Jost.

At the time, it was an ordeal and an honor to be able to walk through the doors of international congresses of this kind, to be able to show your techniques, and to be able to interact with the best cosmetic surgeons in the world.

I still practice, today, his rhinoplasty technique without visible scar, as well as his facelifts with muscle re-tensioning.

He is a great man who left us today and who will have marked the history of our profession.

My most sincere tributes,

Dr Raspaldo

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This Friday 2/7/20, we are going to celebrate in Nice the 80 years of Professor François Demard, whose brilliant career commands respect.

Former holder of the cervico-maxillofacial chair at the University of Nice, he was my first professor of surgery, my first university boss and one of the great men to follow.

Pr. Demard directed the Antoine Lacassagne center in Nice between 1985 and 1996, and was behind the creation of the University Institute for Face and Neck. This service later became the first service in France specializing in Face and Neck Surgery. François Demard received the Legion of Honor badges in 2018.

It was thanks to him that I decided in 1978 to move towards a career as a surgeon.

Let me tell you the story and the birth of a passion!

During one of the countless lectures given at the time, in the first year of medicine, we were feverishly awaiting a course in Head and Neck Anatomy. More than 900 students filled the benches of the Faculty of Medicine of Nice in the large amphitheater, avenue de Vallombrose, in an indescribable heckling. No tablet in these time immemorial, no smartphone, not even laptop. Notebook, pen, ears, big mouths and wide-open brains! 

As soon as Professor François Demard enters, suddenly there is silence. A silence of respect, of admiration in front of his presence and his elegance. 

The course then takes place in a fluid, clear, luminous way: the bones of the skull and spine, the muscles of the face and neck, the incredible vessels and nerves of
complexity, appear simple and obvious to us. 

All this illustrated by precise drawings, made with colored chalk, on a huge double blackboard 2 meters high and 10m wide, without the slightest hesitation or the slightest correction: a pictorial and anatomical masterpiece is reveals to our eyes young students. All in a communicative good humor, a faconde and a good oratorical ease. Result: the complex anatomy of the head and neck becomes a passion to explore and becomes obvious for the rest of my career: I would be a surgeon … like this gentleman. my path is being traced, to follow in the footsteps of this great man, without my knowing it yet.

I actually followed this path a few years later, in 1984, after successfully completing my internship competition. Once my internal diploma in specialized surgery in my pocket, I naturally made my first choice of internship in surgery in his department in 1984; then 5 years of training. Pr. Demard then appointed me his Head of Clinic- assistant of hospitals between 1989 and 1991 in his Department of Face and Neck Surgery in Nice. I am very pleased to attend, with my colleagues and friends, all of his former students, the birthday celebration of this great gentleman.

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From April 2 to 4, the 18th Monaco Congress will be held on aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. This is an opportunity to take an interest in the growing phenomenon of Millennials.

The term “millennial” or “generation Y” refers to people born in the 80s and 90s, graduated, very connected, committed and sensitive to environmental issues. In the world of cosmetic surgery, millennials are increasingly in demand for anti-aging treatments.

This is precisely the purpose of the next Monaco congress, whose main subject is:
“Get to know Millenial patients: from facial contouring to improving the skin quality”.

This congress will go through a number of subjects, through the following program, in which I participate about the nose and medical rhinoplasty:

  • Milennials: who they are? 
  • Anatomy & harmony of the ideal profile in the social media era
  • New generation of patients – face contouring as the most demanded treatment among Millennials
  • Perfect nose – dr Raspaldo
  • Jawline Live demo on
  • In pursuit for the flawless skin
  • Live Demo on NoseLift® – Dr Raspaldo

It will be an amazing symposium with lot of tips and tricks!

Know more about medical rhinoplasty.
Know more about jawline contouring.

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The FaceSculpture© concept: global facial beauty with hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin

FaceSculpture© is a concept of beauty of the face as a whole. After a detailed facial analysis, we develop a global treatment plan based on injections of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin. We will be able to recreate reliefs, volumes, play on the shadows and lights and make the face a beautiful harmony.

Video showing an example of a global facial treatment:

The Wosiam site (World Society of interdisciplinary aesthetics & anti-aging medicine) presents a video of FaceSculpture© treatment:

SEE the video of the global treatment of the face.

We perform contouring (or profiloplasty) of the chin and jaws, as well as the upper and middle part of the face. The Chic Lift© is a good way to redraw the upper part of the face by raising the eyebrows, working on the temples and the entire outline of the eye. The Eiffel Tower Nose Lift©, or natural medical rhinoplasty, makes it possible to harmonize the nose.

Learn more about FaceSculpture© of the face.
Learn more about the Chic Lift© look.
Learn more about natural rhinoplasty.

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