We are pleased to announce our approval by Clinique de Genolier in Switzerland!

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We are extending our consultations and surgical interventions to the cantons of Vaux, Lausanne and Montreux. We will receive you directly in the clinic of Genolier.

Our patients will benefit from luxury suites and the best treatments and care.

We will receive you for any type of intervention: rhinoplasty in Switzerland, facelift, eyelid surgery, etc.

Dr. Raspaldo, surgeon in Geneva, Switzerland

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When you stop smoking, positive effects are noticeable within ten days: the complexion looks less dull. This indicates that smoking affects how the red blood cells work, and consequently the subcutaneous vessels which, when they don’t work properly, cause a tired looking skin.

In addition to giving you a bad looking complexion, tobacco also accelerates the skin aging and increases the likelihood of fine lines. As for wrinkles, they show up earlier and are deeper for smokers than for non-smokers.

Last but not least, if you decided to get a facelift, you will have to stop smoking if you want to have a proper healing process. Tobacco decreases the size of small vessels (called capillaries) that bring oxygen and help the skin heal.

When you quit smoking, you also discover that some enjoyable activities that you associated with smoking, such as listening to music or sharing a meal with friends, are actually not related to cigarettes at all. Quite the opposite. Your “sensory” spectrum becomes more rich and diverse.

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The eyes and the gaze play an important role in a person’s beauty…

If necessary, we can correct the sagging eyebrow (eyebrow falling), fill a hollowed-out eye ring, or a hollow temple, smooth a wrinkled eyelid using different treatments.

You should know that combining different treatments can lead to a natural looking outcome, restoring a beautiful look.

The aesthetic medicine techniques are soft and effective and they can be performed once or twice a year:

Hyaluronic acid will help filling a hollow ring, reshaping an eyebrow; the peeling will smooth the fine lines and lighten the pigmentation, reducing dark circles; Botulinum toxin will correct the eyebrow’s position by acting on the periocular muscle, which also prevents the crow’s feet wrinkles.

The modern cosmetic surgery for the face provides longer lasting, natural-looking corrections, with relatively short recovery time (1 to 2 weeks), like: filling the dark circles with nano-fat (local anesthesia); lifting the eyebrow (endoscopic lift), temporal lifting (with no visible scars); upper or lower eyelid blepharoplasty (removing the excess of skin and fat from the eyelids).

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Rhinoplasty, between aesthetic and functional correction

There are two types of rhinoplasty: surgical rhinoplasty and medical rhinoplasty.

The main difference between them is that they have specific indications.

– Medical rhinoplasty consists in injecting fillers like hyaluronic acid fillers, in order to instantly correct the shape of the nose, painless and without anesthesia. This procedure is performed when minor irregularities need to be corrected: a hollow, a hump, asymmetry or lifting the nose tip.

In these cases, the non-surgical rhinoplasty is an augmentation technique that avoids performing an unnecessary cartilage transplant.

– As far as the surgical rhinoplasty is concerned, I always emphasize the importance of the psychological approach and the aesthetic analysis for optimal outcomes of the procedure. Our aim is a morphological improvement in the most natural way, in perfect harmony with the whole face and the patient’s personality.

The 3D imaging is one of the tools I gladly use to explain the possible outcomes to my patients.

Moreover, patients can use the 3D morphing to express their expectations. It’s a very useful tool that helps us both understand each other and agree on the final project.

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The art of aesthetic consultation and listening

Dr. Hervé Raspaldo and his team welcome you to IMADERM Geneva to answer all your questions.
Listening is a key element of the aesthetic consultation, which determines the patient’s needs, but also reassures him.

All treatment begins with a 3D morphing session, or 3D simulation, which will allow to analyze the face in detail to determine the best treatment.

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In aesthetic medicine, there are two main directions: plastic surgery and cosmetology. Not so long ago only operative intervention was the only way for rejuvenation and changing the appearance. However, when modern hardware and injecting methods appeared cosmetology has reached a new level, and today gives an opportunity to improve the appearance without surgery. What do patients prefer today: plastic surgery or injection procedures? Read the blog of the world-famous plastic surgeon, member of ASAPS, ISAPS and Sofcpre Hervé Raspaldo.

Are non-surgical methods more popular now, than the plastic surgery

According to the statistics, the popularity of the plastic surgery has grown on 3-6 % but compared to the fillers or botulinum toxin, which popularity has grown on 22-23%, it is not too much. What I see – I do now more injections for patients, especially with my FaceSculpture® method (global approach),. I do also more injection of the temple, nose and chin. These methods need less time and they cause less pain.
But after a couple of years, people understand that they have to inject botulinum toxin every six months and fillers every year. Also, they realize that when they have the sagging of the eyelid, the brows, or the neck, they have to do surgery. I show my patients all problems on their face on the 3D image, and what can we do with it — and it increases the quantities of plastic surgery. And it’s amazing because a few years ago we were afraid that the plastic surgery may disappear. But finally, we know that more injections mean more patients – and more plastic surgery.
I see every month , some of my regular patients, or long term patients that come to ask for surgery: Endoscopic Face-Lift, non-traumatic Rhinoplasty, minimal invasive Blepharoplasty.

What do you think about the skin-boosters

I think it’s great , but not a one shoot treatment. It is the complementary treatment with botulinum toxin, fillers, and surgery. To work with good skin is better than work with rough, thin or very dry skin. Skin Boosters work, but all depends on the product. Some of them, you have to inject every week, some of them – every month or every 3 months. There are a lot of brands in the market so my choice of the booster depends on the patient skin. In the past, we thought that boosters are like the face cream but now we understand that is not. It is a really deep hydration of the skin.

Article published on ESTET PORTAL

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The new book “Life in plastic” about cosmetic surgery, written by a friend of mine, worldwide opinion leader, Dr Woofles Wu (Singapore), has become a best-seller in a few days! I wish to congratulate him for his work.

As mentioned in the magazine “Straits Times Press”, he describes his childhood in London and his job of Doctor at Singapore and he brings you in his fascinating world!

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Ask for Chic-lift to improve your look this summer !

The eyes rejuvenation is by far the most performed procedure, even in summer. So why is it so popular?

The reason is that our gaze is the reflection of our inner self. Sadly, time often causes alterations that gives us a tired look, which no longer reflects our inner youth, and our unaltered appetite for life.

Luckily, new techniques and injectables have led to a holistic approach in the treatment of signs of aging.

I wanted to offer my patients the best possible approach, so a few years ago I decided to create the “Chic-Lift” protocol.

This helps me provide a detailed and practical guide to restoring the volume of the mid-face and rejuvenating the eyes area, using the solid recommendations of an expert consensus.

The combined treatments, for example the botulinum toxin injections, the Hyaluronic Acid and the volumizing products provide undeniably an optimal embellishment and rejuvenation of this area, by creating a C-shaped harmonious area around the eyes.

The protocol includes the eyebrow, forehead, temple, eye rings and cheekbones treatment, in order to soften the transition areas around the eyes.
The first consultation will use 3D imaging and morphing, allowing you to visualize your face, and explain the desired improvements, which helps us offer you the appropriate treatment according to your needs and explore all the possibilities of the most innovative treatments.

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Twenty years ago, women came into the office seeking for rejuvenating treatments. Today, their concern is how to look more rested. As early as their thirties, almost a third of female patients complain about their dull skin and tired-looking face. They are disappointed to see that this look doesn’t improve even after a good night’s sleep.

The problem is that they often live a hectic life, and when the body has drawn too much energy, it causes several visible symptoms: dull complexion, deep dark circles, sagging skin around the eyes, sagging tissues, contracted muscles – like the lion’ wrinkles on the forehead, the mouth folds – and all this makes a person look ten years older.

There’s a real change in the metabolism hiding behind these external signs of skin fatigue.

An exhausted body generates a large amount of ”waste” that prevents the skin from recovering. When the body is overworked or stressed, not only does the melatonin level (powerful antioxidant and universal cell repairer) drop, but the cortisol level (which is a collagen destroyer) goes up. And that’s not all. Glycation, which is responsible for the stiffening of the skin fibers, causing wrinkles,  accelerates. At the same time, the proteasome, the cell scavenger responsible for cleaning the damaged proteins, is overwhelmed.

Acting on the skin brightness alone is not enough, we have to treat all signs of fatigue and strengthen the cellular regeneration mechanisms that are at work at night.

This is the aim of the “regeneration” protocol that we discuss with our patients.

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Cosmetic products help you get a nice skin, but using an additional LED treatment will really improve your skin’s quality.

Acne, oily skin, dry skin… these are all daily concerns to many women and men. Taking care of your skin is a must when it comes to building self confidence.

During a led-light therapy, several rows of light-emitting diodes will deliver a soft, “cold” light that penetrates the skin and produces a biochemical reaction called photo-modulation.

The blue light is used to treat acne and reduce the production of sebum, whereas the red light stimulates collagen and reduces skin inflammation.

How does it work?

Skin cells have receptors and they capture the light in a way that is a similar to plants photosynthesis. The led light direct stimulation will lead to a cell ”reprogramming” that will result in chemical and physical changes.

The skin cells become a little lazy over time. This treatment will stimulate them so they start synthesizing more collagen and elastin. The result is visible very soon after the treatment.

During the first consultation, the practitioner will discuss the procedure with you and he will suggest the best and most innovative treatment according to your needs.

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Men also seek to have a seductive look and when it comes to rejuvenating the eyes area, the eyebrows shape plays an important role in how they look.

Two essential rules are to be followed:

– The inner edge of the eyebrows must be vertically aligned on the outer edge of your nose.

– The outer edge of the eyebrows, of the eyes and of the nose must be aligned.

Did you know that blepharoplasty can be combined with a fronto-temporal facelift to correct the drooping eyebrows?

When estimated necessary, the blepharoplasty, whether aesthetic or functional, concerns the eyelids and the surrounding area as well as the dark circles.

This surgery can often be combined with a facelift or lipomodelage as part of a rejuvenating treatment.

Men blepharoplasty protocol is pretty much the same as women blepharoplasty.

Since men often seek for a younger, more dynamic look, it is not uncommon nowadays that they choose to get a blepharoplasty.

During the first consultation, the practitioner will discuss the procedure with you and he will suggest the best and most innovative treatment according to your needs.

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Before you consider a wrinkle treatment with fillers, you must choose your ”injector” wisely.

You need a practitioner who will help you achieve the best outcomes, the most natural-looking results, with maximum safety and comfort during injections.

Here is the first golden rule: never agree to get injected by someone who is not a highly qualified, board-certified doctor.

For facial injections, you need a qualified surgeon, preferably one who specializes in face treatments.

A facial injection is not to be taken lightly, because the face has several risk areas. In order to anticipate complications, your injector must have advanced knowledge in facial anatomy, and especially the nerves and blood vessels structure.

Regardless of the filler and the injecting technique, whether you target the forehead and upper face wrinkles, or the face and neck wrinkles, a qualified practitioner is the only one who can guarantee the proper use of the injectables.

During the first consultation, 3D photos will be taken. Your practitioner will discuss your specific needs with you and he will suggest the most innovative and efficient treatments according to your goals and needs.

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