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The “EIFFEL TOWER NOSE-LIFT” technique published in the prestigious “PRS Global Open” magazine

What do Prague and Paris have in commun ? What if it was the Eiffel Tower? Or the ”Eiffel Tower nose lift”, to be more exact. Medical rhinoplasty is a key technique today. However, we needed to rely on a ”standard”, a solid “modus operandi” that could help us offer our patients effective results and maximum safety.

That’s why I launched the first official nose treatment course in Prague. This training was based on my global medical rhinoplasty concept called: the EIFFEL TOWER NOSE-LIFT®. This was held as part of a global Allergan laboratory symposium, one of the leaders in aesthetic medicine.

The concept consists in 5 sequences, each of them representing one of the Eiffel Tower’s stages: its solid base, its majestic body, its various stages, and its graceful tip ….

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can be extremely effective and easy, provided that the practitioner is experienced, has expert anatomy knowledge and considers several artistic principles.

The demonstration was made with the participation of patients of different nationalities (Asian, African, European) and / or following a secondary rhinoplasty, ranging from an “easy nose” case to a “difficult nose” case.

The idea was to enable all practitioners to offer their patients the best possible care, maximum security and results that live up to their reputation. The priority is always to offer our patients the highest satisfaction.

See PRS GLOBAL OPEN article on natural rhinoplasty by Dr. Raspaldo

Here are some testimonials after the first official rhinoplasty presentation at Allergan Medical International Institute:

– “Hi Hervé, have the team mentioned, excellent teaching material! It will be incredibly exciting to see you live in Prague at our big AMI annual event! Thank you for producing these and sharing them with us. ”
Caroline Van Hove
Senior Vice President, Allergan Medical Aesthetics
International Strategic Marketing & amp; Head of Commercial Excellence ”

– “Herve, what fantastic videos! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to see it live in action, in Prague “.
Courtney Kennedy
Associate Director, International Medical Education ”

– “Watched all the video’s, they are fabulous. 🙂 Congratulations Herve, a real triumph. ”
Mark Chaplin Ph.D
Director International Medical Education

Article written by Mr. Thomas Josse

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COOL SENSE®, a new procedure to administer anesthesia in the injected area

The patient’s comfort is an absolute priority in aesthetic medicine and in our Clinic, specializing in cosmetic surgery and face and neck injections.

We use the new COOL-SENSE® procedure, using a metal cylinder stored in a freezer at -3 ° C.

Before each injection, the metal comes in contact with the targeted skin area. A slight pressure that will cool down or freeze the entry point: it’s actually like a local anesthesia due to the effects of cold.

This will make your botulinum toxin or Hyaluronic Acid injections sessions even more comfortable.

Illustration of the Cool Sense :
Watch the video on using the COOL-SENSE® procedure as an anesthetic.

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New in the injections field: the JUVAPEN syringe

A brand new device has been developed, in an effort to increase the patient’s comfort and to minimize pain during botulinum toxin and Hyaluronic Acid injections or Mesotherapy: the JUVAPEN electronic syringe.

Advantages :
– the pain is greatly or completely reduced, because the patient doesn’t feel the first peak in the skin
– the injection is milder and more homogeneous, because the patient no longer feels the slight twist or rotation of the needle, like in traditional injections
– a much higher accuracy (+ 40%)
– the practitioner can remain focused on the area he injects, and doesn’t have to watch the graduation anymore, because the electronic syringe automatically delivers the exact quantity to be injected.

Watch video of use of the Juvapen syringe

More about injections

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Non-surgical approaches to temporal rejuvenation are gaining interest as a result of an increasing demand, but there is no universally recognized technique for this procedure.

The temples treatment and embellishment can be the right answer for men and women in their thirties or forties who notice the first signs of aging around the eyes.

This specific procedure helps reducing the “sad” or “tired” look without major surgery. It can lift eyebrows, reduce crow’s feet, open the outer area of the eye and lighten the outer eyelids.

It is a short procedure, with a minimal recovery time.

Fillers such as hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid and botulinum toxin are used for this treatment.

botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid injections into the temples
Crow’s feet correction, drooping eyebrows
Making the eyes look more wide open

Read the full article on rejuvenation of the temporal area

©2011 by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Inc. Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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Peri-oral and lips embellishment with Juvéderm Volbella Hyaluronic Acid

Plump and nicely contoured lips play an important role in a beautiful face. In time, lips can become become thinner, paler, they can lose volume. This is something that filler injections can effectively treat.

Juvéderm Volbella with lidocaine is a filler based on hyaluronic acid. This product has many benefits, but the one that we focus on here is enhancing volume in the lips. Clinical results showed significant improvements in perioral wrinkles and commissures of the lips, with less swelling than its predecessor “Restylane-L”.

Hyaluronic acid injections for restoring volume in the lips
Hyaluronic acid injections for recontouring the lips

Read the full article on injections in the lips and the perioral area

Article published in the PRS Global Open magazine:

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Interview with Dr. Raspaldo at the 3rd Congress of Aesthetic Experts of Turkey, 2017

Dr. Raspaldo addressed the issue of “recovering a natural look” with the combined use of Botox & Juvéderm injections. He presented the case of a patient who achieved a visibly improved, youthful look: correction of the upper-face and forehead, dark circles and nasolabial folds treatment, volume gain in the central and lateral part of the face.

He explains his Facesculpture concept that uses the “triangle of beauty”, a global procedure aiming to restore a well-balanced, harmonious look in a very natural way.

Dr. Raspaldo states that in 15 years of practice, he went from 10% of injectable treatments to 80%. Several reasons explain this evolution:

– the increasing demand from patients seeking a younger, healthier look with less invasive procedures

– the creativity that allows him to achieve a 3-dimensional work on the face, using a global approach

– the opportunity to work with high-end injectable products

Read the full interview with Dr. Raspaldo

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How to create synergy between volumizing products and fillers in the global face rejuvenation

The purpose of this article is to provide expert consensus on facial rejuvenation using a combination of volumizing products (Juvéderm® VOLUMA®), filling products (Juvéderm® Ultra product line) and botulinum toxins. The Juvéderm product line uses innovative 3D technology, producing a consistent and homogeneous gels with measurable, long lasting and natural results.

The products are easy to use by practitioners and are well tolerated by patients. When combined, they offer additional benefits compared to the use of a single product. Practitioners also conduct a global analysis of the face anatomy, the aging process and the available treatment options, in order to determine the best possible product combination to be used.

Topics :
Global face rejuvenation
botulinum toxin injections
Hyaluronic acid injections
Fillers and volumizing product injections
Treating the face volumes

Read the full article on the volumizing products and fillers

Dark circles treatment with Juvéderm Voluma injections

Juvéderm Voluma injections in the mid-face, Juvéderm Smile in the lips and Juvéderm Ultra in the nasolabial folds and the dark circles

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Duration of results when using a lidocaine mix with hyaluronic acid as a filler

Using a new filler that contains hyaluronic acid and 0.3% of lidocaine (previously incorporated) reduces the pain and improves the patient’s comfort during the procedure. In vitro studies confirm that this product performs similarly to its lidocaine-free predecessors in terms of safety and efficacy. However, very few data is available on the duration of this improved product.

A study was conducted in order to determine if adding lidocaine affects the longevity of results when using hyaluronic acid as a filler.

During this study, 60 patients with severe bilateral nasolabial folds received either 24 mg / ml of hyaluronic acid with lidocaine, or a similar, lidocaine-free product. The results were monitored for 76 weeks.

The study revealed significantly better results for Hyaluronic Acid with lidocaine in terms of reducing pain and discomfort during and after the injection. Long-term follow-up of patients showed that 91% (52/57) presented no facial asymmetry after nearly a year. The researchers confirmed that lidocaine did not affect the filler’s longevity.

Topics :
Hyaluronic acid injections
Treating wrinkles with injections

Read the full article on the use of hyaluronic acid with lidocaine

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Recommendations on the consensual use of Juvéderm Voluma

It is generally recognized that deficient volumes have a negative impact on the aesthetic look of a face. This is why several specific procedures have been developed in order to restore volumes and treat the aging face.

Restoring volumes has become fundamental for the minimally invasive multimodal approaches to facial cosmetic treatments. Juvéderm® VOLUMA belongs to the Juvéderm’s hyaluronic acid product line. It is intended to be injected between the deep dermis and the periosteum, in order to restore volumes and improve 3D facial rejuvenation.

Our studies highlight the fact that Juvéderm Voluma is suitable for patients requiring volume rebuilding or full restoration, as well as face contours redefining. It can be used on the malar area, the chin, the jaw and the cheeks. Like all hyaluronic acid products, Juvéderm VOLUMA has reversible and absorbable properties and offers a high level of effectiveness with lasting results.

Topics :
Hyaluronic acid injections for restoring volumes in the cheeks, the chin, the jaw
Hyaluronic acid injections for the face contours

Read the full article on the volumizing effect of hyaluronic acid

Read the full article on Juvéderm use recommendations

© Dr Hervé Raspaldo – The “beauty triangle”: Heart of Face – injections in the lion’s wrinkle, in the midface, in the upper lip contour, in the nasolabial folds.

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3D global face rejuvenation using Botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid

A global approach for a natural looking rejuvenation: recommendations for volume restoration and the periocular treatment

New techniques and products have made it possible to develop a global approach when it comes to treating signs of aging. However, the procedures involved in this approach are poorly documented and so far, none of the existing recommendations has been widely and formally validated.

Therefore, based on expert consensus recommendations, we decided to provide a detailed and practical guide on restoring volumes in the midface and rejuvenating the periocular area. We explored the advantages of treatment combinations, like botulinum toxin and Hyaluronic Acid injections and volumizing products combinations. This global approach will help providing optimal results.

Topics :
Face rejuvenation, global approach, volume restoration, Facesculpture®

Read the full article on the 3D global approach and on periocular cosmetic treatment

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Reducing dark circles and hollows under the eyes with hyaluronic acid injection into the periocular area

As the years go by, dark circles tend to show up under the eyes. Sometimes they turn to even darker colors, which makes the face look dull. But there is an effective procedure against this almost unavoidable change : the hyaluronic acid injections, to which the practitioner will add lidocaine, a soft, cohesive and long lasting gel. A volumizing product in the mid-face and the periocular area can be used in addition. Thanks to this simple procedure, the face will recover its natural radiance.Topics :
Hyaluronic acid injections for the dark circles treatment

Read the full article on the dark circles treatment

Lower eyelid treatment and reduction of the dark circle effect – © Dr Hervé Raspaldo

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Consensual practice recommendations for botulinum toxin injections in the upper and mid-face: forehead-glabella-crow’s feet-eyebrow-eyelid-nose

botulinum toxin is a natural injectable product used since 1974. It was first approved for cosmetic indications in anti-aging treatments in the US in 2002.

botulinum toxin is indeed a muscle relaxant and botulinum toxin injections can correct wrinkles that occur because of frequent muscle contractions. We conducted a survey in order to identify current practices in France. Its goal is to provide practice recommendations for treating the aging upper and mid-face with botulinum toxin.

General considerations, main treatment rules, injection specifications (dose, site and techniques), associated procedures / treatments and follow-up were defined for each face area, ie the glabellar forehead, horizontal forehead, lion’s wrinkles and crow’s feet, lower eyelids, and eyebrow repositioning and reshaping. For the consensus participants, the botulinum toxin use is a global, both preventive and corrective treatment.

Topics :
botulinum toxin injection for glabellar wrinkles
botulinum toxin injection for the lion’s wrinkle
botulinum toxin injection for drooping eyebrow / to improve the eyebrow shape

Learn more about botulinum toxin injections

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