In this 2nd part of interview, carried out by EUROMEDICOM, world organizer of scientific events for cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery, Dr. Raspaldo explains the particularities of the perception of the beauty of a face in Asia, as well as the differences in facial treatments between the ‘Asia and Europe, to take account of physical specificities and culture.

The shape of the bones is different, but so is the image of beauty. In Asia, the upper face is rounder, the middle part is more concave, and the skin quality is better.

Many patients are asking for a more triangular face. Just like in Europe, jawline contouring is also in great demand.

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Doctor Hervé Raspaldo is interviewed in this video by EUROMEDICOM, world organizer of scientific events for cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery.

He tells us about his relocation and new practice in Geneva(Face Clinic Gevève), the injectable treatments he uses, such as botox, hyaluronic acid or fillers (polylactic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite).

He also explains some of the different concepts he has developed in the recent years:
– The Eiffel Tower Nose Lift, which consists of injecting, in addition to the dorsum, the nasolabial angle which thus creates a support for the tip of the nose
– The Chic Lift: which allows you to recreate a beautiful C shape around the eye thanks to injections in different areas

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In this 5th and last part of the interview, Dr. Raspaldo explains how to prevent complications that could arise following an injection session. It is obviously essential to know well the anatomy and the arteries of the face, to know where to inject. It is also important to inject by small touch, and to pay attention to the discoloration of the skin (if it whitens, you must stop the injection). The follow-up of a patient is also essential in the coming days to check for any possible vascular complication. Finally, Dr. Raspaldo will share his experiences with us on complications experienced and solved, or on the contrary, on faces saved thanks to injections.

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This video was filmed during one of my conferences on contouring. Indeed, it is a subject which has gained much momentum in recent times. We live in an age of social media and selfies, and self-esteem is sometimes put to the test. We increasingly want our profile to be as we imagine it, with well defined features and contours. This is what profiloplasty offers, also called “contouring”.

The contouring will allow to:

– redefine the chin with a nice projection

– better define the jaw so that it projects a nice shadow

– better define the cervical neck angle in order to have a nice transition with the neck Hyaluronic acid injections now allow these areas to work perfectly and thus have the profile of their dreams.

More about facial reshaping

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Dr. Raspaldo, cosmetic surgeon specialized in Face and Neck, presents his Faceclinic in Geneva, Switzerland, in an interview conducted by “Anti-Age Magazine”.

He explains the reception that is reserved for patients through a one hour consultation with 3D morphing session to analyze the face in 3 dimensions.

He also exhibits the different aesthetic treatments he performs in Geneva:
– botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid injections
nose surgery and natural medical rhinoplasty
eyelid surgery
treatment of the protuded ears

Learn more about Dr. Raspaldo’s Faceclinic practice in Geneva.

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Interview of Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, surgeon of the face and neck, exclusive activity in aesthetics and plastic

Dr. Raspaldo has always specialized in surgery of the face and neck, in rhinoplasty, surgical but also, and more and more, medical, as well as in injections of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid.
He has also developed the concept of Facesculpture® to treat the entire face with only injections.
Appearance is an increasingly prevalent criterion today, patients are increasingly asking to win a handsome, youthful face, while emphasizing the natural side.
Dr. Raspaldo treats all types of patients in France and around the world.
He travels regularly to the biggest international congresses to continue learning new techniques but also to teach the most delicate techniques as easily as possible.

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Injection of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid for celebrities

-Teaching botulinum toxin injection techniques and hyaluronic acid (Juvéderm)
-training aesthetic doctors, aesthetic surgeons and dermato of Azerbaijan to facial rejuvenation by aesthetic medicine (injection)
-videos and before-after photos injection of botulinum toxin, juvederm, voluma, hyaluronic acid, Stars, VIP, celebrities, famous singers

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Doctor Hervé Raspaldo was a pionnier, one if the first to use botulinum toxin in Europe. He took actively part in the officiel launch of botulinum toxin in France in 2003, with a great group of expert on Botox.
Used to treat expression lines, botulinum toxin can erase the famous lion’s wrinkle, crow’s feet wrinkles or wrinkles around the eyes, and forehead lines.
Watch the report made by France 3 television, with the interview of Dr. Raspaldo in his former clinic in Cannes.

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