In this video, we practice injections of hyaluronic acid into the tail of the eyebrow of our patient in order to level it and raise it.
Injections in the eyebrows make it possible to raise the eyebrows and to rejuvenate the look. The eye seems more open, the look is brighter.
In order to restore volume to the temples, hyaluronic acid will also be injected into the temples.

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In this video, we can see how a lip injection session takes place. The hyaluronic acid helps to restore contour and adéquate volume of the lips, while filling the small wrinkles above the lips, as well as the nasolabial fold. The lips are plumped and well-defined
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We proceed in this video to skinbooster session  based on a mesotherapy treatment. The injections are carried out using the electronic syringe Juvapen, which allows to dose very precisely the product, and which has the advantage to be almost pain-free compares to a classic syringe.
Skinbooster helps to revitalize the skin by injecting intradermally a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid. The skin is then hydrated and revitalized.
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VECTRA or CRISALIX 3D simulation for aesthetic surgery and chin implant with hyaluronic acid

Our patients can experiment a consultation with 3-dimensional photo using the 3D Sculptor software (VECRA or CRISALIX). That can predict potential results and to be closer to patients’ needs. It will also make it possible to visualize the real results by a comparison before / after.

We can clearly appreciate in this video the chin projection , using a simple injection of hyaluronic acid, at Face Clinic Genève. We used a new special hyaluronic acid, thicker than the usual hyaluronic acids, to achieve a soft chin implant, using no surgery but only a needle.

Know more about hyaluronic acid to reshape the chin.

Video made by Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, cosmetic surgery in Geneva.

Know more about the 3D consultation.

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Dr. Raspaldo, surgeon dedicated to Face et Neck in Geneva, has been interviewed by “Anti-Age Magazine” in his clinic, in the center of Geneva.
With the contribution of two patients, we present the essential points to reshape the oval of the face: a well drawn nose, a projected chin, a reduction of the masseter muscles and a reduction of the fat under the neck (thanks to Belkyra).
Thanks to the injections of hyaluronic acid, you do not have to go through a heavy surgery to obtain a natural and immediate result.
Our 1st patient complains about the shape of his chin, our 2nd patient complains about her nose. We first make a 3D simulation to analyze the features, define the best treatment and visualize the result.
1- Projection of the chin by injection of hyaluronic acid:
Volumizing hyaluronic acid is injected into the chin to project it, allowing it to be straightened and to make the underside of the chin thiner.
2- Correction of the nose hump, projection of the tip and correction of the asymmetry:
Hyaluronic acid is injected into the naso-frontal angle in order to fill it and give the illusion of a diminished hump. We inject into the tip of the nose and the naso-labial angle to straighten it, project it and give a nice support to the nose.
Finally, we correct the asymmetry of the nose by injecting into the axis to restore a nice balance.
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We perform a live demonstration of injections during the TAMC congress of Dubrovnik.
We present the concept of eye rejuvenation, named Chic Lift®, which recreates a beautiful “C” shape around the eyes. This rejuvenation includes the area of the temples, eyebrows, cheekbones and the tear trough.
To do this, we first define the injection points and the work to be done on each zone:
1- we will use a volumizing hyaluronic acid to recreate a beautiful projection on the cheekbones and give them convexity
2- We will inject this same volumizing product in the temple too. The goal is to give the illusion of a thiner and more triangular face.
3- we will use a light hyaluronic acid for the tear trough.
4- we will also reshape the eyebrows by injections.

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We inject hyaluronic acid into the lips of our patient in order to add volume and to plum the lips. The result is very natural.

We can observe at the end of this video the global work on the face, as we have also treated eyebrows and cheekbones.

To know more about lips injections.

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Add volume into the cheekbones thanks to hyaluronic acid

During a training session in Lebanon, we practice a global beautification of the face, and we begin with adding volume to cheekbones of our patient, thanks to hyaluronic acid injections.

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Injections of hyaluronic acid to recreate volume in cheekbones

In this video we are going to recreate volume of the cheekbones of this patient thanks to hyaluronic acid. It will bring convexity to the cheekbones and give an illusion of cheek lift in order to better attract light.

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