How to remove tear trough?

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Dark circles can be a sign of age, a sign of fatigue, a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle, or simply genetic. They can be coloured and more or less dark. You can also have dark circles. Anyway, it dulls the eye. The question then arises of how to make tear trough disappear. With aesthetetic medicine and plastic surgery, there are solutions today.

  • How to remove dark circles? It is very difficult to blend. Peeling can lighten the dark circle slightly. Injections of a new lightening product can give a good result: Xela Rederm®.
  • How to remove tear trough? Hyaluronic acid injections can be used to fill the hollows under the eyes and rejuvenate the eyes. Lipofilling is another solution consisting in re-injecting your own fat to fill in dark circles, associated or not with PRP sessions.

Learn more about tear trough injections with hyaluronic acid.

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Before any treatment, an aesthetic consultation will be performed. We will perform an analysis of your face and a 3D simulation to assess the result.

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