How to lose cheeks?

bichectomie du visage à Genève

Some of us complain about our round cheeks or a chubby face and would like to lose weight or at least refine it. A round face can give a juvenile or baby look. We then ask ourselves the question of how to lose cheeks. There is a specific technique: bichectomy.

Bichectomy involves removing part of Bichat’s fat pads, a fatty mass located in the thickness of the cheeks, below the cheekbones. This allows you to find hollow cheeks that refine the face while highlighting the cheekbones.

This cosmetic surgery in Geneva lasts about 45 minutes and allows you to lose your cheeks immediately.

Before any intervention, we will receive you in aesthetic consultation. You can anticipate the potential result thanks to our 3D simulation and face morphing tool.

Learn more about bichectomy for losing cheeks.

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