Is it possible to completely redo your nose?

Redoing your nose is a question that many people ask. The nose can present small or big defects: a bump on the nose, a nose too pointed, too long, a falling tip, nostrils too wide, a nasal deviation, trauma, malformation, etc.

When you want to redo your nose, there is an appropriate cosmetic surgery: rhinoplasty. Surgical rhinoplasty is an operation of the nose designed to reshape bones and cartilage in order to redesign their shape.

We also offer ethnic rhinoplasty, which adapts to the anatomical and cultural specificities of African, Arab, Indian, Asian, etc. noses. It is in particular possible to correct a hollow on the nose or an overly flattened nose by cartilage grafts or prostheses, and to reduce the nostrils which are too wide by a technique of nostril plasty.

Before any operation to redo the nose, we will examine you throughout two aesthetic consultations. We will first study the project with you using 3D simulation and nose morphing.

Rhinoplasty requires hospitalization from 5 to 36 hours (or less if we only do the tip), as well as the wearing of a splint for 5 to 6 days.

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