How to remove facial wrinkles by injections?

With age, wrinkles on the face appear. Expression wrinkles or deep wrinkles, we often wonder if it is possible to remove facial wrinkles.

With injections of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid, it is possible to reduce or even eliminate facial wrinkles naturally. We will inject botulinum toxin to erase wrinkles around the eyes(crow’s feet) and to erase the frown lines and forehead.

We will use hyaluronic acid injections to treat dark circles under the eyes, to raise the eyebrows, to give volume to the cheekbones or temples, to fill the nasolabial fold and to erase the fine lines of the lips.

We can also correct all areas of the face with injections. We can treat the double chin with injections of deoxycholic acidor liposuction, or lengthening it with restructuring injections or with volumizinghyaluronic acid. Finally, it is even possible to correct your nose without surgery, thanks to hyaluronic acid.

Learn more about botulinum toxin injections.

Learn more about hyaluronic acid injections to make facial wrinkles disappear.

Before any treatment, we will perform a 3D simulation during a cosmetic surgery consultation. We will be able to analyze your face, define the best treatment and visualize the anticipated result.

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