I have bags under my eyes, what can I do?

Traitement des poches sous les yeux

The bags under the eyes have an excess of fat which weighs down the look. It is like a hernia. It can be congenital or it can be due to age, fatigue or poor lifestyle. Thanks to aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, this is no longer an anathema today.

It is possible to remove the bags under the eyes naturally: injections of hyaluronic acid for example will help fill and mask the hollows under the eyes. We can also perform a peel or inject PRP (plasma rich in platelets) to brighten and enhance the eyes.

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It is also possible to permanently remove the bags under the eyes thanks to plastic surgery: the lower blepharoplasty. This will remove excess fat and remove the pocket.

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Before any intervention, we will examine you during a plasticsurgery consultation. The purpose of this will be to get to know and analyze your needs together. We will also carry out a 3D simulation and a morphing of plastic surgeryto allow you to foresee the result.

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