Do we have to go through a surgical operation to re-stick the protruding ears?

recoller les oreilles décollées

Detached ears are often a source of complex. Otoplasty has long been the only solution for ear surgery. However today there is an alternative, which is the placement of Earfold implants. These implants are placed under the skin, through a small incision, mostly often under local anesthesia, and allow the ears to be stuck on without surgery. The results obtained are also good.

During the consultation with 3D photo, we will first use a small test clip (a PreFold) to visualize the placement. Then we will proceed with the placement of the Earfold® implant under the skin of the pinna to hem (fold) the cartilage of the ear called Anthelix. The incision remains very discreet and is mostly often performed under local anesthesia.

Learn more about Earfold implants to re-stick the protruding ears.

Before any intervention, we will examine you for a plastics urgery consultation. We will assess your needs together and carry out an aesthetic morphing.

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