Is it possible to remove a bump on the nose by natural rhinoplasty?

chirurgie nez rhinoplastie geneve

The nose can be a complex source. We may want to correct oversized nostrils, remove a nasal bump, straighten a falling tip, etc. There is an alternative to rhinoplasty to correct or reshape a nasal bump.

Thanks to the “Eiffel Tower Nose Lift®” concept, it is possible to inject hyaluronic acid into the nose to reshape it and correct its appearance. We’ll enhance the nose tipwith hyaluronic acid injections and mask the bump by concealment thanks to other hyaluronic acid injections. This is called a natural medical rhinoplasty.

We will be able to straighten a falling point by filling the naso-labial angle (between the upper lip and the nose), filling the hollow of the nasofrontal angle in order to give the illusion of correcting the hump of the nose. We can thus benefit from a beautiful projection of the tip of the nose.

The appearance of the nose is thus corrected and embellished, the results can last up to 18 months, and avoid a surgical operation (rhinoplasty, or nose surgery).

Learn more about natural medical rhinoplasty to correct the nasal bump.

Before any rhinoplasty to correct the hump of the nose, we will examine you during a cosmetic consultation 2.0. We will perform a 3D simulation of your natural medical rhinoplasty in order to analyze your nose and visualize the expected results.

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