The Aces of Aesthetic Surgery

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The Aces of plastic surgery

Experts in Plastic Surgery
Dr. Raspaldo quoted in a recent releaseabout “The Experts of Cosmetic Surgery”

For the first time, around 50 of the best cosmetic surgeons open the doors of their luxury universe. In Parisor the other french regions, in Switzerland, in Belgium and in Morocco. They are all good, many are very good, some are world-class experts. 

This is an unprecedented document addressingthe most complexe medical aspects but also the well-known health scandals. In these portraits, surgeons take the opportunity to reveal the mysteries of theirfascinating job but also to confess their professional doubts.

Halfway between applied science and the ”devil’s potion, this publishing takes you behind the curtains of this peculiar medicine and reveals a list of techniques, a product table, an enlightening glossary and several essential advices. It’s a practical andanalytical guide that answers all your questions and offers a contemporary reflection on this double-edgedsword, the widely spread phenomenon of plastic surgery. Useful for both patients and public health

 By Josseline Abonneau and Marie-Guy Baron, published by Alphaée

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