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Plastic surgery:Looking younger, while remaining yourself

The rejuvenation techniques that bring out more beauty, without radical transformation

The forehead

The problem: horizontal wrinkles and / or lion’s wrinkles.
The solution: abotulinum toxin injection to relax the muscles. The result is not immediate, but becomes visible 2 to 15 days after the injection, and lasts for 4 to 6 months.

The cheekbones

The problem: hollow, dark circles + visible folds on the so-called ”valley of tears
The solution: a highly volumizing hyaluronic acid injection (Voluma type), in a V-shaped area under the eye. Draw an imaginary line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner of your mouth. Then another line from the center of the pupil to the outer corner of the mouth.This area, which doesn’t have a particular name, is the one that will be targeted, and not the cheekbone as many people believe! If the practitioner injects too much on the outer side of your face, it can be a big mistake: it makes the face look wider. “Plumping” doesn’tmean creating a hump. The idea is only to give this V-shaped areaa “full” aspect, by injecting the product at three different levels, in order to rebuild the consistency ofthe pre-malar fat. The expanded volumes will have a lift effect on the lower face, thus smoothing the naso-labial fold! Today, we use foam cannulas for this procedure, they are much less traumatic for the tissues than needle. The entry point is located in the cheekbone.

The problem: fatty tissue of the cheek is drooping + hollow circles + the valley of tears + deepnasolabial fold.
The solution: a malar facelift, which permanently lifts the fat onthe cheeks, in line with the pupil.

The face contouring

The problem: sagging jowls
The solution: botulinum toxin injection in the cutaneous muscle of the neck, since this muscle brings down the mouth cornersand the whole face contour. This procedure is efficient if there is no excess fat. If necessary, a hyaluronic acid (type Voluma) injection will optimize results a month later.

The problem: a double chin
The solution: liposuction or injecting desoxycholic acids (or Belkyra®)

The problem: jowls + double chin + loose neck
The solution: a mini-lift of the face contour.

The eyes

The problem: droopy eyelids
The solution: an upper blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure that consists in making an incision in the palpebral fold, removing the unwanted fatty hernia, and the excess of skin and of loose muscle.

The problem: hollow circles
The solution: a deep injection of hyaluronic acid along the orbital rimbone

The problem: eye bags
The solution: a lower blepharoplasty, using two different techniquesdepending on the quality of the eyelids skin. If the tissue is still firm, the surgeon will onlyremove the fat herniunder the skin. The incision is almost invisible, located  inside the eyelids (transconjunctival way). However, it is a bit more complex if the eyelid is very loose. The practitioner must not only get rid of the fat hernia, but also remove the excess skin and muscle, and tighten the canthus (the suspensory ligament of the eyelid, located on the outside corner of the eye).

The problem: a drooping eyebrow
The non-invasive solution: a botulinum toxin injection into the orbicularis muscle of the eye, which will lift the tip of the eyebrow.
The radical solution: a temporal lifting.

The naso-labial fold

The problem: a deep fold on both sides of the mouth
The non-invasive solution: a hyaluronic acidinjection
The radical solution: a malar facelift

The mouth

The problem: wrinkles on the upper lip
The solution: hyaluronic acid injectioninto the lip borders to smooth them, then directly into each wrinkle.

The problem: thin lips
The solution: hyaluronic acid injection on the whole surface of the lips

The neck

The problem: visible strings on the neck (“turkey neck”).
The problem: horizontal wrinkles (“collar” wrinkles)

The solution: hyaluronic acid injections in each wrinkle.

If the skin is too loose,a neck lift will be the appropriate solution.

Article published in ”Marie Claire”