Looking straight in the eyes

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Looking straight in the eyes

Whether they are blue, brown, myopic or astigmatic, they are our connection to the world and to the others! They are often neglected, and yet they are essential and they deserve to be closely taken care of. Here are several professional tips to solve small problems and prevent big ones.

Surgery, the solution with permanent results.

After 40-45 years, you can see signs of aging in the eyes area. Above the eye, the skin of the upper eyelid and the orbicularis muscle becomes loose, and the fat forms a pocket, which makes the eyes look drooping, tired or sad, and sometimes even reduces the visual field. The dark circles become more visible, because the area under the eye loses volume, it widens, the little swellings become pockets. These phenomena are aggravated if you smoke, work a lot on a computer or cry very often…

“No make-up can totally hide these signs of aging, and moreover, make-up becomes a difficult task when the upper lid is heavier and sagging, says Dr. Hervé Raspaldo. If the problem is treated early enough, botulinum toxin can be a solution, we inject it into the eyebrow to relax the underlying muscle and liftthe tip of the eyebrow by 3 to 4 mm: this makes the eyes look wider and younger.

We can combine this product with hyaluronic acid injections around the eye, in order to restore the volume where needed”.

Hyaluronic acid is also used against dark circles, not to modify the dark color (which is only possible with laser or peeling, with various results), but to restore the muscle’s volume: the visual result is good, but is not always enough, and doesn’t last forever.

These are all treatments that can be easily performed in amedical office, withtemporary results (botulinum toxin lasts four to six months, hyaluronic acid twelve to eighteen months), and you can get them as often as necessary.

”However, when the signs of aging are deeper or more present, the ideal solution is eyelid surgery.

The excess skin and fat are removedon the upper eyelid, the skin is then stitched back, resulting in an invisible scar: it’s an outpatient procedure in a surgery block, under local anesthesia, painless. Bruising can occur for four or five days.

If necessary, an “eyebrow lift” is performed endoscopically using a small incision in the scalp. If the lower lid needs to be treated, we remove the fat and tighten the skin through the inside part of theeyelid, or, if the skin is very loose (which is often the caseafter 60 years) by an incision under the eyelashes. Again, there will be no visible scar”. The upper and lower eyelids can be treated simultaneously. The procedure has perfectly natural results, and makes your eyes look more fresh and rejuvenated. Moreover, it doesn’t require any touch-ups.

After the procedure, many women feel like they have a larger visual field, because the eyes are no longer obstructed by the heavy eyelids.

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