Nose, cheekbone, lips: surgery for a sexy face

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Nose, cheekbone, lips: surgery for a sexy face

ust like your body, your face can be sexy too. There are numerous techniques available that reshape the nose, enhance the cheekbones, and plump up the lips. A global approach for the whole face that combines injections of hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin and surgery, making you feel beautiful and boosting your self-confidence.

For the nose: surgical or medical rhinoplasty
Everybody knows about surgical rhinoplasty, but did you know that medical rhinoplasty also exists? This procedure uses filling products, and is suitable for patients w Medical rhinoplasty, unlike surgical rhinoplasty, enable us to improve the shape of the nose without resorting to plastic surgery. Although it cannot compare with reparative surgery for changing the shape of the nose, it can be used for small imperfections and altering the dynamic anatomy of the nose. It can rectify any anomalies resulting from repeated operations on the nose, when further operations would prove difficult, as well as some minor deformations. Patients undergo this type of procedure to rectify skin indentations on the bridge or tip of the nose, slight asymmetry at the tip, a slight bump that alters the curve of the nose, a flat bridge, etc…
On the technical side, it involves injecting hyaluronic acid to straighten the line of the nose by subtly filling and thus erasing any hollows, or to open up the nasolabial angle while rounding the tip of the nose. The pressure from inside helps to raise the tip of the nose by lifting up the cartilage on the side of the nostrils, which will consequently “roll” upwards.
To gently shape the thin cartilage that makes up the framework of the nose, the surgeon slims down the tip and erases any bump. The procedure causes little swelling and no pain.

For the cheekbones: malar implants and fillers
The cheekbones can lose volume and this highlights the nasolabial fold, causing bags under the eyes. There are two ways of making the cheekbones look good again : implants and fillers.
Cheekbone implants are called malar implants, and are slid into place through the mouth. Patients must undergo a full dental examination beforehand in order to avoid all risk of infection.
Beautiful cheekbones can also be achieved using carefully-placed injections of hyaluronic acid to gently increase the volume of the cheekbones. This technique is suitable for correcting the thinning of soft tissue, but less so for treating weak bone structure.

For the lips: plumpling and shaping with fillers
Here too, the use of fillers injected into the lips is recommended. The lips may be naturally thin or have thinned out over time. Hyaluronic acid is a quick and efficient technique used to plum up the lips in a shapely and natural way.
Hervé Raspaldo
Specialist in Surgery of the Face and Neck in Cannes since 1992. Fomer Hospital Intern and Former Registrar of the University (1984) and Hospital practitioner. Member of the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Office of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

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