The organic trend in nose plastic surgery

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The organic trend in nose plastic surgery

This article was published in the ”Quotidien du médecin”, 10th November 2011.

This couldn’t be more organic.

”Votre Beauté” reveals its readers the”Rhino-Bio” concept, a technique developed by Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, plastic surgeon, specializing inthe face and necksurgery. According to the review, the concept combines the “respect for the physiology of the human body, but also for the nature and the environment.

According to this approach, the nose must be adapted to each person’s morphology, skin texture, personality and expectations. This is made possible by a morphing software, that helps avoiding stereotypes and preserving the“human diversity”. As for the technique itself, it is minimally invasive (endonasal) and uses only “natural materials such as the patient’s cartilage harvested behind the ear or on the nasal septum.

 The sutures are made with biodegradable and absorbable threads and “instead of the painful nose packings, we use absorbable padswhich prevent bleeding but still allow you to breathe,” says Dr. Raspaldo. Thanks to the cryotherapy performed during and after the procedure, “there is almost no bruising or edema”.

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