The male face lift, a well developed and widely used treatment

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The male face lift, a well developed and widely used treatment

By Dr. Hervé Raspaldo – Article published in ”TETU” Fall / Winter 2011

Have you had injections yourself?

Yes, I started with BOTULINUM TOXIN on the forehead 7 years ago, and I repeat the procedure every 5months. At first, I used to ask my colleagues to do the injections. Then I started doing it myself in front of mirror. It’s not very pleasant, but injecting myself allows me to really understand what my patients feel, so I use an even finer needle. When I was 35, I used to say, just like many other people, that “I would never do injections“. However, I have never had hyaluronic acid injections.

Do your friends ask for your advice at a dinner table, for example?

Yes, three-quarters of them ask for my advice openly. Some of them prefer to come to my office for a more private consultation.

Why is it so difficult to find a man who admits having a facelift?

I treat men frequently. Actors or politicians among other patients.The demandconcern mostly the enhancement or reshaping of the lower face area and the neck. Mens’ skin is thicker, there are fewer bruises. Scars are easily hidden by the sideburns. Men started with injections, then they started undergoing eyelid surgery and now they are more and more interested in facelift procedures.

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