profil et ovale du visage à redessiner
Embellishment of the face by treating the nose, chin and oval of the face
We all have different face shapes and we would often like to correct certain aspects: a small bump on the nose, a too drooping tip, a too small chin, a profile not harmonious enough, etc. Many things that can now be treated thanks to aesthetic medicine and injections of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin. We [...]
chirurgie oeil creux et cernes genève
Hollow eyes victim? Lipofilling can be a solution for you
The skin under the eyes, the so-called ‘eye outline’, is a very fragile area and one of the first to show signs of ageing. It is necessary to intervene gently and to worry about it in time. The goal will be to revive, lighten or simply give a boost to a fatigued look. Hollow (or [...]
visage esthétique raspaldo genève
Beauty and aesthetics
In the field of visual arts like sculpture and painting, beauty refers to a set of rules in terms of proportions and dimensions. By extension, beauty is defined in the same way, and consists of almost divine proportions, at least according to the standards of a particular period of time in History. But your beauty [...]
bonne année docteur raspaldo
A new year for a fresh start
Human beings need rhythm and changes to exist.  The alternation between day and night, for instance, is fundamental. The days, the weeks, a year that ends, another that begins, are crucial beacons in time. They allow us to apprehend our environment and our existence. The transition to a new year also places us in a [...]