bichectomie du visage à Genève
Have you ever heard about bichectomy?
Imaderm is an aesthetic clinic in Geneva where Dr. Raspaldo practices cosmetic surgery. Dr. Raspaldo published an article about bichectomy. If you want to know more about this surgical intervention, read the text below: "When you hear this barbaric word for the first time, it's hard to imagine what hides behind it. Even if bichectomy [...]
la chirurgie esthétique chez les hommes
Facial aesthetics for men
An increasing number of men are having cosmetic treatments or surgery. Dr Hervé Raspaldo, a specialist face and neck surgeon who founded the Face Clinic in Geneva, gives us an insight into the types of procedure that have become popular among men. The shape of the eyebrows for men Some men want to correct the [...]
chirurgie des paupières blépharoplastie injections raspaldo genève
Treatment of the upper eyelid with blepharoplasty
Over the years, skin and fat accumulate on the upper eyelid. This melting of volume and distended skin forms what is commonly called "the cap". The upper eyelid becomes heavy, the palpebral fold is hidden and make-up becomes more difficult. There is a cosmetic surgery which allows to treat this problem: blepharoplasty, the eyelid surgery. [...]
affiner le visage par chirurgie esthétique
Techniques to get a slimmer face
If you find that your face is too round or too wide, we invite you today to discover three techniques to make your face look thinner. This article has been written for Anti-Age Magazine. Get slimmer cheeks thanks to bichectomy Bichectomy consists in removing the deep fat pads from the cheeks by getting rid of the [...]