Ask for Chic-lift to improve your look this summer !

Ask for Chic-lift to improve your look this summer !

The eyes rejuvenation is by far the most performed procedure, even in summer. So why is it so popular?

The reason is that our gaze is the reflection of our inner self. Sadly, time often causes alterations that gives us a tired look, which no longer reflects our inner youth, and our unaltered appetite for life.

Luckily, new techniques and injectables have led to a holistic approach in the treatment of signs of aging.

I wanted to offer my patients the best possible approach, so a few years ago I decided to create the “Chic-Lift” protocol.

This helps me provide a detailed and practical guide to restoring the volume of the mid-face and rejuvenating the eyes area, using the solid recommendations of an expert consensus.

The combined treatments, for example the botulinum toxin injections, the Hyaluronic Acid and the volumizing products provide undeniably an optimal embellishment and rejuvenation of this area, by creating a C-shaped harmonious area around the eyes.

The protocol includes the eyebrow, forehead, temple, eye rings and cheekbones treatment, in order to soften the transition areas around the eyes.
The first consultation will use 3D imaging and morphing, allowing you to visualize your face, and explain the desired improvements, which helps us offer you the appropriate treatment according to your needs and explore all the possibilities of the most innovative treatments.

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