You want your wrinkles removed? Choose the right practitioner


Before you consider a wrinkle treatment with fillers, you must choose your ”injector” wisely.

You need a practitioner who will help you achieve the best outcomes, the most natural-looking results, with maximum safety and comfort during injections.

Here is the first golden rule: never agree to get injected by someone who is not a highly qualified, board-certified doctor.

For facial injections, you need a qualified surgeon, preferably one who specializes in face treatments.

A facial injection is not to be taken lightly, because the face has several risk areas. In order to anticipate complications, your injector must have advanced knowledge in facial anatomy, and especially the nerves and blood vessels structure.

Regardless of the filler and the injecting technique, whether you target the forehead and upper face wrinkles, or the face and neck wrinkles, a qualified practitioner is the only one who can guarantee the proper use of the injectables.

During the first consultation, 3D photos will be taken. Your practitioner will discuss your specific needs with you and he will suggest the most innovative and efficient treatments according to your goals and needs.

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