Are cigarettes responsible for a tired looking face?

mauvaise mine teint terne cigarette genève

When you stop smoking, positive effects are noticeable within ten days: the complexion looks less dull. This indicates that smoking affects how the red blood cells work, and consequently the subcutaneous vessels which, when they don’t work properly, cause a tired looking skin.

In addition to giving you a bad looking complexion, tobacco also accelerates the skin aging and increases the likelihood of fine lines. As for wrinkles, they show up earlier and are deeper for smokers than for non-smokers.

Last but not least, if you decided to get a facelift, you will have to stop smoking if you want to have a proper healing process. Tobacco decreases the size of small vessels (called capillaries) that bring oxygen and help the skin heal.

When you quit smoking, you also discover that some enjoyable activities that you associated with smoking, such as listening to music or sharing a meal with friends, are actually not related to cigarettes at all. Quite the opposite. Your “sensory” spectrum becomes more rich and diverse.

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