The cosmetic surgery (r)evolution


The cosmetic surgery (r)evolution

The cosmetic surgery has made tremendous progresses. I am delighted to see what we can achieve today thanks to the enthusiasm and the energy in the world of surgery.

The technologies are improvingand we have many resources available while we try to offer personalized solutions to our patients, going from medical procedure tocosmetic surgery procedures.

Our standards are more preciseand reliable. We have also been able to reduce the procedures time,  making them safer for patients.

The improvement of medical devicesis another important evolution, and they are used in both medicine and cosmetic surgery. These are engineering products backed up by many years of researchand development.

Let’s not forget that the products continue to improve, reducing the painand the recovery time while improving the immediate results and making them last longer. For example the quality of injectables gotbetter: they last longer, their “feel” or texture are more natural and the side effects very much reduced. We contributed to this evolution with countless trainings that we provided for the last 25 years all overthe world.

The two major evolution incosmetic surgery are: the improvement of non-invasive procedures and the natural-looking results.

I would like to thank the scientists who help us improve our procedures, as well as my colleagues, many of whom work relentlessly to achieve progresses for our patientsbenefit.

We should also mention the introduction of the recent ISO “IMAL” certification, which makes it easier for patients to have quality procedures using adapted and sophisticated tools.

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