Crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles: should you try botulinum toxin?


Crow’s feet wrinkles: should you try botulinum toxin

Six out of ten cosmetic medicine procedures in France are injections of Botulinum toxin. With a steady growth of 10% per year, thistechnique attracts more and more women, at a younger age.

Women under35 are twice as many receiving Botulinum toxin injections than womenover 55. For women who are determined to delay signs of aging, as for all those who are definitely fans, Botox remains a magical and safe product for smoothing wrinkles.

The technique is safe,since it has been used from 1977 for medical purposes, to correct the strabismus of the newborn. The danger lies not in the product, but in the hand of the practitioner. The right doseof Botulinum toxin is effective for diminishing muscle contractions. But poorly dosed or injected in the wrong place, it canbe responsible for a closed eye, an asymmetrical smile or a frozen-lookingforehead.

The effects of Botulinum toxin settle in slowly, they become visible afterthree to fifteen days, and last three to six months, according to the quantity injected.

But the crucial questionis: what is the best age to start?

The answer is basically when you feel the need to. But in order to prevent wrinkles, some patients prefer to start veryearly. The goal is not to correct wrinkles, but to prevent them from showing up.

How many times in a lifetime do you need Botulinum toxin? If you startearly enough and you care for your skin, there is no actual limit. You can get Botulinum toxin injections all life long, witha minimum of three months timebetween two sessions, otherwise you could develop a resistance to the toxin, which would then become ineffective.

For those who don’t necessarily want to chase downwrinkles but simply seek for a freshlookingface, Botox is a standard,self-sufficienttreatment.

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