Eiffel Tower Nose-Lift®, Profiloplasty and Chic-Lift®


Eiffel Tower Nose-Lift®, Profiloplasty and Chic-Lift®

Yesterday we made injections in Masterclass sessions in Grasse, on a patient for a medical rhinoplasty (Effeil Tower Nose Lift®), a profiloplasty and a Chic Lift®.

This patient wished to testify of her experience:

“Hello Hervé,
Congratulations and thank you for this remarkable demonstration last night.
What a brio, what an admirable talent and how easy it is.
Many thanks !
To beauty, to talent, to opera our passion.
A thousand beautiful things and successes.
Have a good day

What is the Eiffel Tower Nose Lift®?
It is a concept of medical rhinoplasty by injection of hyaluronic acid by recreating in successive stages the various stages of the Eiffel Tower: its solid base, its majestic body and the graceful tip.

What is Chic Lift®?
Excerpt from our article on Facesculpture, global rejuvenation of the face:

“The eye, the jewel of the eye, is magnified by its box made, above, concentrically, the crown of the forehead, a slight temporal convexity, a convex eyebrow reflecting the light, a well drawn eyelid without notch or ptosis, a smooth transition between the eyebrow and the upper eyelid, and below, a convexity of the malar apex and a short lower eyelid, in gentle transition with the cheek. No unsightly shadow between forehead and cheekbones forms an elegant “C” (Chic-Lift®) found in all young and attractive faces, and recreating this smooth transition with injectables is our goal. ”

As for the profiloplasty, this is an intervention to correct the profile of the patient:
– whether surgical with rhinoplasty and implant – chin prosthesis in the same session, outpatient
– or medical: injection of the chin with hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin

Watch this video on Injections in the chin

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