The endoscopic facelift’s successful comeback


The endoscopic facelift’s successful comeback

The cosmetic surgery techniques have considerably improved over time. Practitioners don’t only tend the skin, they also tighten the musclesfor a longerlasting result, 10 to 15 years if the patient has a healthy lifestyle and stays away from sun and tobacco.

The facelift is not dead, on the contrary, it is still a frequent procedure. It has even become a more personalized procedure, thoroughly discussed with the patient, according to her or his needs andexpectations.

When there is not too much excess skin, I often discuss the possibility of anendoscopic facelift. It minimizes the post-operative effects and reduces scarring.

This type of facelift is appropriate for thetreatment of the upper face areas(from the forehead and the temples to the cheekbones and cheeks). The procedure is performed withsmall incisions (1 to 2 cm) perfectly hiddenin the scalp. It is ideally adapted to the sagging face treatment (eyebrow, forehead, look, cheekbone) if there is not too muchexcess skin.

This results in a better eyebrowpositioning, the cheekbones repositioning, amore widelook, an almond-shapedeye, or even the reduction of the naso-genial fold.

Thisis an important procedure to me, because in 1998, I created a new range of surgical instruments specifically designed for video-endoscopy LIFTING. In 2003, at the first Aesthetica Congress in Biarritz, I won the best video trophy for this ENDOSCOPIC LIFT.

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