Have you ever heard about bichectomy?

bichectomie du visage à Genève

Imaderm is an aesthetic clinic in Geneva where Dr. Raspaldo practices cosmetic surgery. Dr. Raspaldo published an article about bichectomy. If you want to know more about this surgical intervention, read the text below:

When you hear this barbaric word for the first time, it’s hard to imagine what hides behind it. Even if bichectomy is a particularly popular aesthetic operation, it is still strangely unknown in Switzerland. Bichectomy is currently all the rage, as it is a simple and efficient surgical intervention to get a thin and slender facial oval.”

What does Bichectomy mean?

This term comes from the Bichat fat pad, deposits located just below the cheekbones in the deep part of the cheeks, which gives the latter a rounded shape. These two fat pads on both sides of the face are more prominent in some people than others. That explains the difference between a thin face and a “chubby” face. If they are too visible, these fat deposits do not melt, even after a drastic diet.

What is the purpose of bichectomy?

Demand for this kind of simple and risk-free surgery to get a thinner face has grown exponentially, both among women and men, even among relatively young ones. Moreover, unlike a liposuction of the cheeks which gives a moderate improvement, the reduction of the Bichat’s fat pad offers very clear results: the cheeks and the face become immediately thinner.

How does it work in practice? 

The surgical operation is performed on outpatients, under local or general anesthesia, and does not last more than 45 minutes. It consists in removing half or two thirds of the well localised fat pads, though not in full in order to keep smooth facial V-shaped lines over the years. The result is 100% guaranteed and is particularly interesting for young women or men showing a “baby face”.

Models who wish to appear more to their advantage on photos, with a more structured, sculpted and reshaped face – especially at the level the jaw – can also be particularly interested in this surgical operation. Bichectomy is an ideal treatment in addition to facelifts and fat re-injections. It should be noted that the surgical intervention takes place inside the mouth, at the level of the mucous membrane, and does not cause any bruises. It is nevertheless necessary to foresee about 5 days of social eviction.

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