How to build a solid experience based on an innovative patient approach


How to build a solid experience based on an innovative patient approach

For me, it all started with a focus on the human and culturaldiversity, during the30 years spent at the University Hospital of Nice where I treated patients with diseases or trauma of the face and neck. At many points ofmy career,I had to deal with difficult cases. I had to repair or restore the functions and then the naturallook, even when it seemed almost impossible.

Besides, I have always hada passion for getting to know different cultures around the world. It allowed me to train in treating all types of face,of any ethnic group from any continent.

This approach must be supported by high qualifications, as well researchwork like scientific articles and films published for highly rated medical journals (Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Journal / PRS Global open access, Dermatologic surgery …).

This passion forunderstanding and learning has given me the joy of creating the EIFFEL TOWER Nose Lift concept,which isa particularly effective and natural method for reshaping the nose, but also the HEART OF FACE conceptin 2006, which is the first rejuvenation concept emphasizing the beauty of the heart-shaped face, successfully adopted by fellow practitionersand by cosmetic firmsin Asia. We should alsomention the FACESCULPTURE, a global,anatomical and soft remodeling concept, using injections and a 3D technology; or the CHIC-LIFT (eye rejuvenation procedure usingsurgery or injections) in 2016 to name justa few…

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