The eye contour becomes a major concern in the search for global beauty


The eye contour becomesa major concern in the search for global beauty

The skin around the eyeshas a very atypical structure that makes it particularly fragile. It’s aphysiological fact, and everyoneis concerned. The skin is twenty times thinner than the rest of the face. It is also less rich in collagenand elastic fibers, and has very little subcutaneous fat, which are the two elements that providedistension and relaxation.

Unfortunately,that’s not all: the blood and lymphatic circulation is lazier in this area.  The 22 musclesare constantly at work, 14 of themare activated every 10 seconds, not to mention the 28,000 daily blinks. The expressiveness of our face clearly influencesthe intensity and precocity of expression lines, but our life style also has an impact. The outline of the eye suffers heavily fromtobacco, pollution, intensive screen use and unhealthy eating.

Toomuch salt causes eye bags, whereasa lazy or excessively solicited liver is a source of bluish darkrings. The factis that as early as age 25, our eyes can start losing their fresh look.

Besides, the skull changessignificantly between 20 and 60 years. The lower areaof the orbits become larger, the boneslose density, the musclesweakendue to the billions of repeated contractions.

The eye becomes rounder,because the opening of the upper eyelids changes. The lower eyelid retracts, due to the receding tissues. At the same time, the fat in the orbital area moves towards the cheekbone. This is what makes us looktired and sad.

According to a study conducted on women, theirmain concern is dark circles (37%), wrinkles (34%), eyebags(15%) and drooping eyelids (9%). But all of these conditions have solutions that can be combined.

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