Facial aesthetics for men

la chirurgie esthétique chez les hommes

An increasing number of men are having cosmetic treatments or surgery. Dr Hervé Raspaldo, a specialist face and neck surgeon who founded the Face Clinic in Geneva, gives us an insight into the types of procedure that have become popular among men.

The shape of the eyebrows for men

Some men want to correct the shape of their eyebrows primarily for social reasons. To make the eye area as attractive and harmonious as possible, the eyebrows should be positioned horizontally and should not be too raised. Botulinum toxin injections are the best way of achieving this. In the professional world, this straightforward treatment – which leaves no bruising, swelling or visible marks – is a great asset for anyone who wants to make their personality more positive or open, and it also rejuvenates their appearance and makes them more attractive. In addition to significantly reducing fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines, the botulinum toxin softens their resting face, erasing certain negative expressions such as glabella lines and forehead lines. We are even seeing more and more couples seeking treatment together.

Eyelids surgery for men

The eyelids play an essential role in the aesthetics of the eye area. When the botulinum toxin is no longer effective, the eyebrows and eyelids start to droop. In this case, upper eyelid surgery – called blepharoplasty – is a very straightforward and highly recommended procedure. The operation only takes an hour, is performed in outpatient surgery, and involves removing any excess skin and fat. The scars are located in the eyelid fold and are therefore practically invisible. It is worth bearing in mind that some super cial marks (post-treatment bruising and swelling) will be visible for at least two weeks after treatment.

As for lower eyelid surgery – which is most often carried out under potentiated local anaesthetic and in outpatient surgery – the aim is to get rid of any unsightly under-eye bags by going through the inside of the conjunctiva; this is what we call trans-conjunctival blepharoplasty. It leaves no visible marks or scars. Thanks to this method, we can achieve natural-looking and permanent results. It is worth noting that we can operate on the upper and lower eyelids in the same session. In the Face Clinic Geneva, we often perform “double eyelid surgery”, a choice treatment for Asian men, which allows us to create a digni ed-looking fold above the eyelid.

Neck treatments for men

Our neck really gives away our true age. Its shape can also be a problem if the patient has a weak chin. We can correct it by using a 2.0 technology, with 3D photos and morphing to accurately digitalise and give a rough idea of the projected result. The neck treatment technique mainly involves removing any excess fat with deoxycholic acid injections or through liposuction. A three-point neck lift (without any scars in front of the ears) might also be considered.

To improve the results, or in the case of a weak chin, we inject a new type of hyaluronic acid that is very thick, very cohesive and stable, in order to create a better structure. The product acts a bit like a exible prosthetic. This is called medical genioplasty. Neck treatments o er fantastic results and give patients a quick and noticeable boost of youthfulness.

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