Global Face Embellishment by FaceSculpture©

facesculpture pour rajeunir le visage

The FaceSculpture© concept: global facial beauty with hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin

FaceSculpture© is a concept of beauty of the face as a whole. After a detailed facial analysis, we develop a global treatment plan based on injections of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin. We will be able to recreate reliefs, volumes, play on the shadows and lights and make the face a beautiful harmony.

Video showing an example of a global facial treatment:

The Wosiam site (World Society of interdisciplinary aesthetics & anti-aging medicine) presents a video of FaceSculpture© treatment:

SEE the video of the global treatment of the face.

We perform contouring (or profiloplasty) of the chin and jaws, as well as the upper and middle part of the face. The Chic Lift© is a good way to redraw the upper part of the face by raising the eyebrows, working on the temples and the entire outline of the eye. The Eiffel Tower Nose Lift©, or natural medical rhinoplasty, makes it possible to harmonize the nose.

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