Is there a connection between the city of Grasse and profiloplasty?


Is there a connection between the city of Grasse and profiloplasty?


They say that ”There is no hasard”. It was indeed a blessing for me that our “profiloplasty” workshop was hosted in Grasse, the city of scents.

This testimony I received by mail says it all: ”Thank you so much for this magical evening of a high level of expertise, it was a real challenge to treat difficult patients,but your clinical fine analysis, your scientificmethod andyour injecting techniqueswere key factors tosuccess. All this encourages me to continue using profiloplasty in the global approach of the face.

The nose is king, in this kingdom of scents.

Yes, we breathe through ournose, but reducing this organ to its simple biological function would be like saying that our eyes are only there to help us see.

The profiloplasty is the analysis of the face as a whole: the aim is to evaluate the balance of the different structures and the facial harmony, and when necessary, to subtly modify theprofile in order to restore the face’s harmony. The forehead (upper third), the nose (middle third) which can be too long, too crooked. The lips thatmay be too thin, the chin that counter-balancesthe whole (lower third), all these elements respond to precise proportion ratios.

It’s all about taking the proportions into consideration. Considering only an isolated face element  does not always provide a satisfying result.

For medical rhinoplasty for instance, we can always try to treat a nasal hump, but this will not be enough if the chin is visibly receding… So we will increase its volume using injections.

In other cases, a nose may seem a little toosmall, but it’s actually the chin that is too prominent. The cheekbones volume and shape are also questioned a lot, because they participate in this global face architecture.

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