Hollow eyes victim? Lipofilling can be a solution for you

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The skin under the eyes, the so-called ‘eye outline’, is a very fragile area and one of the first to show signs of ageing. It is necessary to intervene gently and to worry about it in time. The goal will be to revive, lighten or simply give a boost to a fatigued look.

Hollow (or sunken) eyes… What is it actually?
Hollow eyes result from a lack of fat in the area around the eyes. In most cases, it affects the upper eyelid, but also the lower eyelid. If the pockets of fat under the eyes give a tired look, hollow eyes can contribute to a sick appearance.

Lipofilling offers a definitive and natural-looking solution to freshen up the look, conceal dark circles under the eyes and lift up falling eyebrows.

What is lipofilling?

Lipofilling, also called Coleman’s method or nano-fat grafting, is a gentle cosmetic surgery operation. It consists of using a small amount of excess fat in the body (neck, knee, abdomen, for example) to re-inject it (after purification of more or less fine fat particles by filtering or centrifugation) in the hollow under the eyes, in the cheekbones area, in the chin, or simply to boost the skin. Using ultrafine cannulas guarantees the absence of scars. Most of the time, the patient is locally anesthetized and the result is clearly visible after just a few weeks.

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