Magnify your look with a Chic Lift®

sublimer le regard par injections

The look is a key element to a harmonious and beautiful face. Therefore, we all seek solutions to intensify, rejuvenate and magnify it.

The Imaderm clinic, the consulting practice where we welcome you, has published a very interesting article on the matter. It deals with the different methods which exist to magnify the look.

Imaderm offers aesthetic solutions such as eyelashes extensions, dermopigmentation or the permanent shaping of eyelashes. Imaderm also proposes the Chic Lift®, an in-house solution to rejuvenate the look thanks to injections :

‘To correct and repair the damages of ageing, Dr. Hervé Raspaldo, a well-seasoned practitioner, has designed an innovative technology. Thanks to a 3D-device, he provides the patients with a real subtle sculpture of their face, which enables them to interactively view the imperfections of their look. By dint of analysing pictures of models, I have discovered a form of C invariably present around their eyes. To recreate this C, it is necessary to fill the dark circles, the cheeks, the temples, the eyebrows and the forehead zones in a harmonious and discreet way with hyaluronic acid and Botox injections. I have called this treatment Chic Lift®, as it automatically magnifies the look of patients’, summarises Dr. Raspaldo.”

Read the full version of the article published by Imaderm (only available in French).

Watch our video and discover ‘in real time’ the injections given in the frame of a Chic Lift®.

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