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la chirurgie esthétique chez les hommes

Male Face Correction: Aesthetic Procedures Suitable for Men

Aesthetic procedures are so popular nowadays that we see an increased demand from men requesting them. However, work with such patients has its peculiarities that should be considered by every doctor. Hervé Raspaldo, world-renowned plastic surgeon, Board Member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (EAFPS), member of the French Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (SOFCPRE), knows all the nuances of treating a male face. Recently doctor Raspaldo left Cannes to open his new clinic in Switzerland. Doctor Raspaldo shared this exclusive news and gave important recommendations regarding male face correction in his interview for 

What procedures for correction of the face, in your opinion, are optimal for men and the most popular among them?

The most popular surgical procedures are those for eyes, namely upper eyelid correction. This procedure is very simple – because it is performed under local anesthesia and the downtime is only 5 days – and gives very nice results.

The second most popular procedure for men is neck correction. As a result, we obtain beautiful neck lift without long downtime – it takes just a week – and without general anesthesia. I use Twilight or local anesthesia depending on how strong the man is.

Another good procedure is the injection of deoxycholic acid (Belkyra®) in the neck for fat reduction. This treatment is new; it allows removing all the fat after 3 sessions performed every 2 or 3 months.

What should a doctor consider when working with a man’s face?

First, as well as for women, the most important is to know anatomy. Anatomy is the key. If you know how deep you are injecting, as well as where the vessels are, you get the most natural and safe results. This is number one. Also it should be taken into consideration that maybe there are more smokers among men than among women.

And there is no difference in anatomy, but there is difference in thickness if the skin – men’s skin is thicker. So you don’t see all the small details under the skin, for example around the eyes, so well, as in female patients. That is why I inject HA deep very carefully when working with a man’s face.

When dealing with male patients it is very important to understand the demand. There are men who want to look better for their job. This is the first demand. So for this we start with softer injections under the eyes, maybe reduce wrinkles around the lips and work with the neck.

The second demand could be that a man wants to look younger because he changed his life or maybe has a new wife. For this you have to talk more to understand the demand. If you do more there is a little bit more down time, like more bruises or more scars, if you do a facelift. So you have to consider this.

And the last point which I mention very often is that we have men who have different sexuality. So these people want to look perfect, really attractive, sometimes more feminine. In such cases the mentality we use to treat female patients works well.

So there are three different kinds of demands and a doctor who takes care of male patients should understand what they want and why they do it. Of course, process of performing the procedure is the same, safety is the same, and anatomy is the same, but you need to understand the demand.

Very often we treat men in my new clinic, Face Clinic Genève. For successful correction I always take into consideration all patients’ desires, as well as the important aspects of work mentioned today.

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