Medical book: rejuvenate your eyes and face with botox and hyaluronic acid in Switzerland

rajeunissement du regard par botox et acide hyaluronique

“Injectable Fillers – Facial Shaping and Contouring” is a medical book, published in April 2019, in which I actively participated. I had the honor of co-writing a chapter on injections around the eyes, wrinkles, dark circles, crow’s feet and restoring volumes.

Botox, hyaluronic acid and volumizing injections to rejuvenate the face

The rejuvenation of the periorbital area in aesthetic medicine consists of work on lines, volumes and shadows and lights, thanks to a treatment of injectable products: hyaluronic acid, botox, volumizing products.

We can see on photo 5.1 the detail of the areas worked for a rejuvenation of the look: eyebrow, upper eyelid, lateral canthus, lower eyelids, valley of tears.
Find out more about the rejuvenation of the eyes in Geneva.

Photo 5.2 shows what a perfect periorbital area looks like in the aesthetic sense of the term.

injections zone péri orbitale en suisse


Eye rejuvenation in Geneva, Switzerland

The rejuvenation of the look also sometimes involves work on restoring the volumes of the middle part of the face. Indeed, this allows to be more effective on the correction of the valley of tears for example, and on the overall volumes of the face, as shown in photo 5.16.

restaurer les volumes pour embellir le regard


I was able to develop the Chic Lift concept which details the aesthetic treatment of rejuvenation and beautification of the look that we practice in our aesthetic clinic Face Clinic Geneva.

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