Monaco Congress and Millenials

congrès de Monaco et milléniaux

From April 2 to 4, the 18th Monaco Congress will be held on aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. This is an opportunity to take an interest in the growing phenomenon of Millennials.

The term “millennial” or “generation Y” refers to people born in the 80s and 90s, graduated, very connected, committed and sensitive to environmental issues. In the world of cosmetic surgery, millennials are increasingly in demand for anti-aging treatments.

This is precisely the purpose of the next Monaco congress, whose main subject is:
“Get to know Millenial patients: from facial contouring to improving the skin quality”.

This congress will go through a number of subjects, through the following program, in which I participate about the nose and medical rhinoplasty:

  • Milennials: who they are? 
  • Anatomy & harmony of the ideal profile in the social media era
  • New generation of patients – face contouring as the most demanded treatment among Millennials
  • Perfect nose – dr Raspaldo
  • Jawline Live demo on
  • In pursuit for the flawless skin
  • Live Demo on NoseLift® – Dr Raspaldo

It will be an amazing symposium with lot of tips and tricks!

Know more about medical rhinoplasty.
Know more about jawline contouring.

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