Mysterious but so useful : the botulinum toxin

Mysterious but so useful : the botulinum toxin

The medical Botulinum toxin is manufactured industrially and it’s used as a treatment for strictly local purposes; it has been used for 25 years in neurology, ophthalmology and pediatrics in order to relax muscles that causeabnormal or painful conditions.

The Botulinum toxin blocks the muscle by inhibiting the release of a neurotransmitter responsible for transmitting information between the nerve and the muscle. The acetylcholine causes the muscular contraction; when blocked, the muscle can no longer contract. The botulinum toxin action does not alter the muscle or the nerve, and is fully reversible when the toxin is eliminated. This is the action and the product I use in our clinic for the Botox procedures.

I use it mainly fortreating expression wrinkles inthe upper face (upper third of the face). In this area, the skin and the muscle join, forming a tightcouple that results in theso-called “expression” wrinkles. The muscular relaxation becomes visiblea few days after the injections and it’sreversible; it lasts only 4 to 6 months, so the procedure will have to be repeated if the patientwants to obtain the same result.

Let’s not forget one essential thing: we must conduct an accurate analysis of the entire aging process of the face, because sometimes I might recommend the combined use of different products and techniquesin orderto achieve a more global action.

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