Is the neck the new eldorado for surgeons?


Is the neck the new eldorado for surgeons?

The neckcarries our head on our shoulders, so there’s no way it should be neglected.

From the first signs of weakness, many of you have tried cosmetic care without much success, but have you tried the latest, safe aesthetic medicine techniques?

The skin on your neck is twice as thin as onthe cheeks (2 mm for the one and 4 mmfor the other), so it degradesmuch faster. In reality, its texture is very close to that of the crow’s feet. Besides, the neck isconstantly solicited by the head’smovements.

The downside of this mobility are the skin lines,three times deeper than those of the face and an accelerated slackening tendency. The cleavageis not better off: its skin may be thicker – up to 7 mm – butit has no fat, which causes vertical wrinkles. Besides, this area is often exposed to UV.

The fine lines on the neck can be treated with hyaluronic acid.

The repeated injections with skin boosters, containing fluid hyaluronic acid, are the ideal indication for smoothing the epidermis. But we can also usethicker hyaluronic acid. Starting with thesecond session, the epidermis is deeply hydrated, plumped and densified. One session per month for three monthsis the ideal treatment,repeated every year.

As for the “turkey neck”, responsible for the platysmal bands startingunder the chin, a botulinum toxin injection into the platysmuscle is enough to erase them. But given the size of this muscle, the effects are inevitably short lasting: three months instead of six.

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