New in the injections filed: the JUVAPEN syringe


New in the injections field: the JUVAPEN syringe

A brand new device has been developed, in an effort to increase the patient’s comfort and to minimize pain during botulinum toxin and Hyaluronic Acid injections or Mesotherapy: the JUVAPEN electronic syringe.

Advantages :
– the pain is greatly or completely reduced, because the patient doesn’t feel the first peak in the skin
– the injection is milder and more homogeneous, because the patient no longer feels the slight twist or rotation of the needle, like in traditional injections
– a much higher accuracy (+ 40%)
– the practitioner can remain focused on the area he injects, and doesn’t have to watch the graduation anymore, because the electronic syringe automatically delivers the exact quantity to be injected.

Watch video of use of the Juvapen syringe

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