Plastic surgery or injections?

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In aesthetic medicine, there are two main directions: plastic surgery and cosmetology. Not so long ago only operative intervention was the only way for rejuvenation and changing the appearance. However, when modern hardware and injecting methods appeared cosmetology has reached a new level, and today gives an opportunity to improve the appearance without surgery. What do patients prefer today: plastic surgery or injection procedures? Read the blog of the world-famous plastic surgeon, member of ASAPS, ISAPS and Sofcpre Hervé Raspaldo.

Are non-surgical methods more popular now, than the plastic surgery

According to the statistics, the popularity of the plastic surgery has grown on 3-6 % but compared to the fillers or botulinum toxin, which popularity has grown on 22-23%, it is not too much. What I see – I do now more injections for patients, especially with my FaceSculpture® method (global approach),. I do also more injection of the temple, nose and chin. These methods need less time and they cause less pain.
But after a couple of years, people understand that they have to inject botulinum toxin every six months and fillers every year. Also, they realize that when they have the sagging of the eyelid, the brows, or the neck, they have to do surgery. I show my patients all problems on their face on the 3D image, and what can we do with it — and it increases the quantities of plastic surgery. And it’s amazing because a few years ago we were afraid that the plastic surgery may disappear. But finally, we know that more injections mean more patients – and more plastic surgery.
I see every month , some of my regular patients, or long term patients that come to ask for surgery: Endoscopic Face-Lift, non-traumatic Rhinoplasty, minimal invasive Blepharoplasty.

What do you think about the skin-boosters

I think it’s great , but not a one shoot treatment. It is the complementary treatment with botulinum toxin, fillers, and surgery. To work with good skin is better than work with rough, thin or very dry skin. Skin Boosters work, but all depends on the product. Some of them, you have to inject every week, some of them – every month or every 3 months. There are a lot of brands in the market so my choice of the booster depends on the patient skin. In the past, we thought that boosters are like the face cream but now we understand that is not. It is a really deep hydration of the skin.

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