Protruding ears: an invasive procedure is not the only solution, now there is also the new Earfold treatment

Just imagine: local anesthesia is all it takes to place these small clips under the skin, at the doctor’s office, in a totally relaxed and friendly atmosphere, miles away from the stress of the operative room and the surgery clinic.

I can’t help but sharing this amazing discovery with you. Did you know that if you have protruding ears, you can treat this condition without going under the knife?

Earfold implants permanently correct the shape of the ears, especially the prominent ears, and it’s a quick and simple procedure. No need for bandages, nor postoperative bandages.

The practitioner will simply make a tiny incision and place the small clips under the skin, which will automatically move the ears closer to the head. The procedure takes only 20 minutes and is performed in the doctor’s office. Only local anesthesia is required, and you will have immediate and lasting result, with no recovery time.

The Earfold implants are shape memory implants, made of a particularly elastic material, which helps them maintain their shape for a long time.

They really have important advantages compared to an otoplasty.

During the first consultation, the practitioner will discuss the procedure with you and he will suggest the best and most innovative treatment according to your needs.

Besides, you will be able to try the clips on your ears, in order to simulate the results and see them on a screen.

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