What if you had a new, rejuvenated gaze this fall ?

chirurgie des paupières blépharoplastie injections raspaldo genève

The eyes and the gaze play an important role in a person’s beauty…

If necessary, we can correct the sagging eyebrow (eyebrow falling), fill a hollowed-out eye ring, or a hollow temple, smooth a wrinkled eyelid using different treatments.

You should know that combining different treatments can lead to a natural looking outcome, restoring a beautiful look.

The aesthetic medicine techniques are soft and effective and they can be performed once or twice a year:

Hyaluronic acid will help filling a hollow ring, reshaping an eyebrow; the peeling will smooth the fine lines and lighten the pigmentation, reducing dark circles; Botulinum toxin will correct the eyebrow’s position by acting on the periocular muscle, which also prevents the crow’s feet wrinkles.

The modern cosmetic surgery for the face provides longer lasting, natural-looking corrections, with relatively short recovery time (1 to 2 weeks), like: filling the dark circles with nano-fat (local anesthesia); lifting the eyebrow (endoscopic lift), temporal lifting (with no visible scars); upper or lower eyelid blepharoplasty (removing the excess of skin and fat from the eyelids).

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