Retour sur l’évènement en Azerbaïdjan pour le lancement de la toxine botulique

En février dernier j’ai eu l’occasion de me rendre en Azerbaïdjan pour participer au lancement de la toxine botulique.

Nous remercions chaleureusement toutes les personnes rencontrées à Bakou lors de mon séjour à + de 4000 kilomètres de là…

Voici les témoignages qui me m’apportent l’audace et la motivation de bien faire mon métier.

“Dear Herve,
Thanks for the visit to Baku! We fascinate with your professionalism and fascination.
Many famous speakers came here, but your visit is special.
Thanks for the marketing!
I hope that you will see Baku more than once and we will find joint interests.

Yours sincerely,
Elshan Mammadov
PhD, Director of Azeri Med Branch Companies
Baku, Azerbaijan

“ Dear Hervé,

Just a quick note coming from my side – it was a pleasure and honour to have you as our key Faculty during the botulinum toxin Launch last week in Baku,
The mere fact that 300 injectors were invited, and close to 500 of them attended the botulinum toxin launch on 2nd February (every second aesthetic doctor from Azerbaijan!) – shows how immense the interest is – for Allergan products, and for Your views, thoughts, insights and magic – on stage, and during the live injections!
Not only that you did a superb job with introducing botulinum toxin to the audience, but you also re-established the Juvederm Vycross collection as their products of choice for getting the best of results in treating the periorbital region!
All backed-up by practical tips and tricks during the 20:1 Masterclass for their top injectors, taking place on 3rd February in Kepro Clinic.
Thank you for attending all of the TV shows, interviews and filming sequences, and thank you for drinking coffee and chatting with Azerbaijani celebrities!
Most of all, thank you for accepting the colourful Azerbaijani culture so openly!”

Tea Andabaka PhD

Rédaction  : Thomas Josse

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