Signs of aging don’t have to be inevitable anymore


Signs of aging don’t have to be inevitable anymore

Thanks to several standardized, advanced techniques like ©ChicLift, the signs of aging are no longer inevitable.

Everyone wants to have this 20years old fresh look in their eyes, so it seems logical that many patients consult us with this idea in mind : getting a rejuvenated look of the eyes area.

Even more so since the eyes are a mirror of the soul…

New techniques and injectables have led to a holistic approach when it comes to treatingsigns of aging. However, the procedures involved in this approach are very little documented and there are no approvedrecommendations yet.

This is whyI wanted to provide a detailed and practical guide to restoring volume in the midface  and rejuvenating the eyes area, based on expert consensus recommendations,at a time where cosmetic surgery is losing ground to non-invasive procedures like injections.

The conclusion ?

Combining treatments like botulinum towin injections, Hyaluronic Acid injections and volumizing products undeniably provide an embellishment and rejuvenation effect inthis area.

Botulinum toxin injections have been used for 35 years nowand, when performed by experienced practitioners, they are completelysafe. Relaxingthe eyesmuscles with low doses oftoxin,will notchange the eyes’ expression but simply prevent, foras long as possible, the contractions that cause wrinkles.

Remember that each look has its own morphology and characteristics, which make a person’s unique charm and personality.

One last thing: did you know that researchers statedthat the eye structure and thepersonality could be related ? The genesequences involved in developing the iris also contribute to the development of the brain’s frontal lobe, which could be seen as the ”motherboardof our personality. But this is a differentstory …

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