One simple action for a flawless skin


One simple action for a flawless skin

There is one procedure that is very popular among patients seeking to erase fine linesor spots and to restore the skin’s radiance: it’s calledpeeling.

It can be performed at different intensities, using always the same principle: a more or less deep exfoliation of the skin’s upper layers.

We use more or less concentrated acids,according to the type of treatment, and they all aim to refresh the complexion, to blur the spots and toerase certain scars.

This goes from a simple radiance boost to a complete lines and fine lines treatment.

You are wondering what the treated areas are? Actually, all of them. The uppereyelids, the fine lines around the eyes, the forehead, the cheeks, the “barcode” wrinkles around the mouth, the cleavage and even the hands!

The first step – preparing the skin: the patient must put on a special cream during 3 weeks before the procedure.

The second step – the peeling session in our clinic. After cleaning and degreasing the skin withspecific lotions, weapply the acid product for a few minutes, using cotton swabs. Then, the acid solution is rapidly neutralized with an alkaline lotion and rinsed with water. The procedure ends with a softening and hydrating cream.

No recovery time is needed, you can go back to your activity immediately. This peeling procedure can be performed at any time of the year, on all skin types.

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